Dec 30, 2008

Kampung Nelayan, Fun Fair and A New Year

The holidays almost come to its end. Next week will be back to work and today is the last day in the year 2008. Will be back to Keningau tomorrow as my school will be having an activity for the Year 1 student this Friday. Mum 's birthday is also today and wishing her a Happy 55th Birthday, may your wish comes true and we try to be your good children hehe ..These few days we visited the Kampung Nelayan in Taman Tun Fuad Penampang, had our dinner there but didn't do sightseeing as rain poured the minutes we finished our food. So we enjoyed our food on the boat restaurant and treating our eyes with the fish down below.
After having dinner we went to the UK Fun Fair in
Karamunsing which was actually the fun fair that
was held in Keningau and they moved their way to KK. The Big Wheel , Merry go round and lots of other games which I didn't know their names were being played there. We didn't try any games except a few snaps of pics and seeing other people playing. The entry fee was quite cheap but the token to play the games was RM2.00 each so we just kept our money safe.

Today is the 31 st of December 2008 the last day in this year. 2009 will come tomorrow, age is increasing, kids growing and us growing old. Sighing? hmmm thats the fact one has to accept, life is like a wheel, sometimes we are on the upper side, sometimes we down below. Looking back all the days that have gone, we sure feel the times really flies and yesterday wouldn't be back like today, only memories remain and as the days pass with every breath that we take, let us wish ourselves grateful and appreciate the life that we have been given and facing the New Year with a good resolution and mind. A happy New Year 2009 to all and God bless.

By The River of Papar

By the river of Papar,
where I took some pics,
during a heavy downpour,
a motorboat to highlight the image,
and the raindrops falling..

Rintik hujan yang mengetuk atap mobil
bersama sopir yang tak pernah jemu
mengabadikan kenangan di sungai Papar
alunan bot berbaur bersama hujan yang menari di dadamu
membentuk paduan warna yang tak dapat digambarkan dengan kata-kata..
(poem Malay and English yang tak senada..hik)

Dec 24, 2008

A Visit to Monsopiad Cultural Village

Gmail couldn't be accessed this few days, so the days passed without any updates in my blog. I was wondering why this should be the problem so I typed in the problems on Google and finally solved the matter using the methods others were experiencing. A very great thanks to them.
Last weekend we went to Monsopiad Cultural Village located in Penampang, about 5km from Putatan shortcuts. Monsopiad Cultural Village is build in memory of the great Kadazan warrior and head hunter named Monsopiad. This place was built in the same place Monsopiad lived and roamed 300 years ago. A visit to this place presented me with this pics.
Register here - Rm20.00 is charge for a person including free drinks and tour guide if one wants to. But we prefer to guide ourselves as we didn't want to be long here.

Gong dan kulintangan-
traditional music instruments of the Sabahan.

farming and hunting equipments as well as ritual and
ceremonial stuffs

Monsopiad - Kadazan warrior

the Riverside Cafe- lihing (local sabah rice wine),

Carlsberg and mango juice are served.
Pick your choice. We opted for the juice..

There were many pictures taken yet it took so long to upload thus I leave you with this short snaps..have a Happy Merry Christmas to those who celebrates and in case you are wondering, I DON'T celebrate Christmas. Why? if you care to know visit this link, (my sister's blog) it will probably gives you some info..check it out!!

Dec 19, 2008

Its Friday once More

The week flies quickly and there are only two weeks left to a new year and Christmas celebrations to those who celebrate. January will come again with work and no more long school holidays except for Chinese New Year holidays I hope..
Its Friday once again, favorite day of the week but not really feels the joy of its arrival since its still holiday time (it is.. for tumbleweed and those who work 9 to 5 ).. Time will again flies with the wind, yearly school plan and daily has not been updated as I haven't taken the class time table yet..I guess it will be on the last minute chart and be done before school re-open.
Not thinking about work now as am looking for a fruitful weekend tomorrow with the kids and sis. Mum will be busy for her family day activity in church as she is the trusted chef in the kitchen so they said. Well only the four of us will roam the day...

Dec 18, 2008

A wow!!

Billboard or big signboard in the city is another way to promote advertisements on anything, be it cars, new products launched, low airplane fares and etceteras
If one happens to stop at the traffic light in Tanjung Aru nowadays, you will get a chance to see this rare billboard which shows big love is on the air and wants everyone to share with it. The bride to be should be in seven heaven to see her picture up there and everyone eyes and minds know they are getting married. A millionaire getting married I guess. Anyway just to share with you this picture and just imagine if you are on the picture. A wow I say! What if the guy is proposing you using a huge billboard? Now there's something to ponder about eh..*grins*

A Sunday Stroll in Gaya Street

Finally got a better connection today but still am afraid that the power failure will happen again.
Hubby was in Papar for a week and last Sunday he went back but before that we went to Gaya Street a weekly market in the city and had a fun view of interesting local stuffs here.

Persian cats RM1200 each (negotiable)

the bag price is RM90- gulping

local arts featuring Mount Kinabalu, Nepenthes Miranilis (periuk kera) plants and natives of Sabah.

classic and antique iron

There were lots of other things to see as well and yet so much to talk about. I got the chance to see many photographers taking pictures of the busy hawkers and stuffs rarely found. On my right hand side is the handcraft main attraction for tourists. If one happens to visit Sabah Land below the wind don't forget to experience the hustle and bustle of Gaya street in Kota Kinabalu City and perhaps bring back a souvenir to mark your visits here.

Dec 16, 2008


Pray to myself I didn't knock my forehead to this keyboard,
to upload a picture seems waiting for the next pay out day
then electricity disrupted on and off, again and again,
about 3-4 times during my blogging hour,
arghhhh Im filled with bored,
sisters, friends and blogger buds,
hope for the best of tomorrow for my next posts..

Dec 12, 2008

Think Colors

Hmmm tried to make the fonts bigger but ending like this..well guys just get that magnifying glass to read..just wanna share the nice bookmark I bought which words touch my mind, not that much but I'm grateful with it and sure wanna thanks the store that I visited. Will visit again as it is having sale for the Christmas season.

Dec 6, 2008

An Evening in Tanjung Aru Beach

Sandy beaches

Casuarina Trees

Breathtaking sunset

Children running

making memories of the time

foodstalls for the hungry ones

staring at the distant

and marking shoe prints on the sand...

Tanjung Aru Beach I never gets bored visiting you...

Dec 3, 2008

Afternoon with D and E

Both were soaked and ended up having a warm bath after afraid they would catch a cold..anyway they were having a fun time this afternoon..

Dec 2, 2008

Emerald's 3rd Birthday.

Yesterday was Emerald's 3rd birthday, so we just made night time a small party or makan-makan among the family members. Her daddy was in Keningau and he just wished her a Happy Birthday via hand phone.

the cake

the food