Jun 26, 2009

Thoughts on Saturday

Gone were the King of Pop and one of Charlies Angel stars one day in June. Fans all over the world are mourning for him especially. Of the two I admire the lady for the stunning actions she starred in the show and for him, the songs of humanity. A supremely talented artist yet they had to end up in one way where everyone of us would experience it when the time has come. Leaving us to stare in our own morbidity in the face of what we could bring when the time has come for us to say goodbye world. Our time has marked and our days are not that longer. When there's a chance to share the love you have in you, do it today when the clock is still ticking, and when that someone is still around standing. To hold on until its too late, has never been the better. Death is around us to make us learn from our mistakes and reminds me always. Our actions in life would speak for us when our own bell rings. Just my thoughts on Saturday as its drizzling in the morning, crying perhaps for the souls who were called to return home..

Jun 25, 2009

Polka dot Pinky Shoes

Guess its lucky to be small and young again with lots of new shoes and dresses to try compare to my oldies time..
Today's theme is Emeralds pink polka dot ballet shoes.
Thus my generous sisters out there if you go window shopping for shoes dont forget my little princess okay haha..
on the owners feet, but now ending like gardening boots. Nowadays in the afternoon she tends to wear new clothes and shoes, makes the stuffs look like baju rumah..
p.s / Bus bilang kasut2 pun mo kena gambar ka? jawab aku dlm ati : suka ati akula blog aku wakakak..kang aku taru spender lagi ebat kakakak..

SkyWatch Friday #4 Friday’s Rainbow and an Evening sky

Not a very clear shot but ..again a rainbow for Friday. Showering of rains still do in some places.

watching the day as it leaving its phase...

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Jun 17, 2009

Little Bits of El Nino

Whenever Im in Papar with my parents I never miss TV3 News at 8.00 every evening. That's dad favorite program and no one will change the channel to watch other programs. Oddly we are getting interested with hearing local and oversea news at that time and no wonder mum and dad are always way ahead from us regarding news sources.
Malaysia my country receives plenty of rain and sunshine all year long but this year according to the news source El Nino phenomenon is forming. El Nino as opposite to La Nina is a phenomenon where hotter and drier days will be experienced till September. Due to the dry weather many will conduct open burning to get rid of grass or to start planting season but then complaining of the weather becoming more hot. Funny right. We were having quite a hot days of the previous week but luckily the clouds were still there showering rains since yesterday. A cool night resulted from the rain. Even you are coming El Nino dont be so hard on us.

a cool sight despite of the coming El Nino

A Baby In the House

A silence blog cabin for the past 4 weeks. Time flies and so much had happened in this life. During the school holidays we had 4 months old baby Jayden in the house. He's my SIL's baby and a kuai2 baby of a type.
baby Jayden
part time baby sitter (depends on the mood)

D and E for June pose..