Jul 29, 2009

I dont have money...

Its recess time and as I was coming out from the class, two girls of Year 1 the class that Im teaching said to me, " Teacher she didnt have money".. Where's your money? I asked the girl with the long hair, actually her friend told that to me as normally young students will do. They never dare to tell their problem on the first place. Even when they almost want to pee. "My mother said she didnt have money for now" I didnt ask for more, cause I knew its almost the end of the month and only government and some private sectors have received their pay. "Didnt you bring anything to eat?" I asked again. "No" came the reply. I was about to go and leave the students to deal with their problem, when the small voice whispered to me "what if your child is in that situation?" I step back and I took some shilings and gave it to the long haired girl. I remembered my schooldays when money was hard and when its recess time I just stood watching and drooling seeing other students eating. I just dont want the girl to be like me for that day..

Jul 26, 2009

Should I or Should I not..

Lately Im falling again for you..
Every evening when I return home from work I will again staring at you..
from evening to almost mid of evening I will observing your pic piece by piece..
exploring and balancing should I or should I not..
and to this moment Im getting crazy for falling for you..
By hook or by crook, later or now..
its not that its a need, but rather a must..
to have you in my arms, to explore every inch of your original being..
Why or why, you should be a beauty in my eyes, while others say its not?..
Or Coach ..should I or should I not..
buying you as I can bargain for you in Malaysia for now...

Jul 22, 2009

Lost in ...

A grasshopper without a clear head ..
a chopper flying left
and to the right again
in a distant an unknown bird staring at the blue sky

and Ribena Kids running free in the open....aka kanak-kanak riang Ribena..

match my lost of ideas to update my blog cabin lately due to known reasons 'busy' *yawn*....

Jul 3, 2009

SkyWatch Friday - Island in the Evening Sky

An island in the evening sky if you let your thoughts going wild..

going wild with some applications..

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