Oct 9, 2010


A hot-tempered man stirs up dissension, but a patient man calms a quarrel. 
Proverb 15 :18-
      Its easy just to say be patient but never it has been easier to keep and maintain.  We live in the world where everything is almost as instant as sms or an instant noodle, its hard not to always expect instant gratification in other words a long goal achieved after a persistent long wait.  Be patient if the something is really there and only time knows where it will end.  Easier said than done.  Even God will end the world when His patient coming to its end. It is said that some of the best things happened and require after years of hard working and waiting, perhaps like you wait that you aged a little bit then only you can start consuming this supplement and that, and you need to wait in order to see the progress you're getting. Not only wait, but 'hard working', meaning that religiously following the routines of getting the supplement unto you.  When you are young these supplement wont show much as the body doesn't need the supplement as much since it is still producing and working well.  Just an example of how simple patient is needed and occurs in our daily life. 
         Sure, we'd all be more patient if babies didn't cry, dishes didn't break, things handled properly, and people didn't make mistakes--but that's never going to happen.  Some things just can't be rushed, but it can be altered, but then alteration takes time and energy.  The moment Im typing this my daughter is asking me for her milk and I said 'one minute' which will sure move to 2-3 minutes.  Better be going ...
         I just want to say that I am patient for a long time enough for me to end it.  Only recently I noticed that it has affected me and it is not good in a long run.  I have played neglecting and let go, but Im getting sick inside.  No matter what life must go on...
credits to rbuiteman-photobucket.