Sep 11, 2009

Its Friday again..

Days seem to pass by so much faster. Its September 11th and Friday again. It wont take long for Hari Raya Celebration and holiday, celebrations plus plus and school holidays. The weeks have been hectic and I just want to stay home and be lazy. But tomorrow wouldn't let me do what I wish as we are having a mini celebration for National Day/Indepence day in school. So that will only leave Sunday to enjoy the comfort of being at home with no rushing of doing things. Been cooking and baking as usual and taking pictures. With no journey and trips to make, what else is there for the entry than appreciating self routine work. Havent done much of Skywatching lately, as there's not much to see up there.

Something to ponder over by Maya Angelou, an American poet. He said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

just a random talk for a Friday evening.
Can't imagine life without holidays..

Have a nice weekend u all..

Sep 4, 2009

Wok With Me

Once upon a cooking time. Treat your eyes with my wok with Flo for the past few weeks. Enjoy the journey from the local dish to the ala-ala tak menjadi western style cooking. Pictures were taken straight after the dish cooked. Any inconvenient matters regarding growling tummy or drooling effects are not my responsibility.

blurry talapia masak lemak
kailan masak udang..or kailan cooked with shrimp..*Mr Loba2 as the advisor reminded me not to peel the shrimp's skin as it would keep the freshness and the sweet of it. So far haven't done any research yet..huhu
puding lapis coklat berbintik kinda la..haha
mixed bittergourd
crabby curry
fried rice with sausages and eggs-yeah I know Darrell's favorite..
mixed bean sprout
mayonaise shrimp..

That's it? huh..