Nov 29, 2008

Picture Talk

Just wanna show some pictures I took during my endless journey to the city, perhaps its just because I wont be able to go to the city when I'm in Keningau then my footprints or rather shoe prints were all over the place especially the malls during this hols. Its not much but have a feast for the eyes as the pictures will speak for themselves.

Nov 28, 2008

Night Trip ( sort of)

When Im here I always bring the kids to Kota Kinabalu city with my sis and mum leaving dad at home as he doesnt like all of us roaming in the malls from day to night time. He said that all the malls seem much the same during the day and night and doesnt tell the time..(nda pandai malam) But what I like about dad is that he just said be careful when driving and to take really care of the kids. So we went and have a peek at 1Borneo as everyone is talking about this new hypermall in the city and I didnt want to be left behind ;)
passing Sabah Foundation building ..

We went in the afternoon and headed home at 8.30 night time.

Two models for the trip

Nov 27, 2008

Journey Home aka Balik Kampung

A bit silence in blog cabin, access to the net was quite slow in my parent's but luckily today tried to log in the afternoon and manage to break up the stillness. Went back to Papar on the 21st November with the kids and here are some pics I took during the journey. It was a down and up hill journey by Kimanis Road, a normal situation for locals here which can create dizziness if one not use to.

started early on that day..

whoooshhh down the hill

uphill angle

managed to capture a weird whirl clouds

a fork road nearing Papar

Emerald missed the journey by dozing off

Darrell always pick the middle seat with full body covers as he has less fats now and cannot stand the cold morning air ;)

almost there..
Happy holidays to all and hope you enjoy every minute of it..Life is short and we should live life to the fullest yet meaningful :)

Nov 16, 2008

Me a Poet..

Geez I'm feeling lucky today, firstly for the school holiday and secondly for having my two poems rated at 8/10..for a simple person like me being rated at 8 is the best achievement so far. I always like poetry and during college time I wrote my book of poetry but never have the nerve to publish it to public. Its just a secret poetry book on monkey love, stressed life in college, nature and life. Me a poet..haha, never thought that my MIL poem will be rated at 8, MIL you make my day! Not that much of a poem, but I'm happy as happy as a clam..

Finally School Holiday but..

YAY at last, school holiday is here from 15th Nov-2nd January 2009, still have some activities in school for two days on 17-18th Nov 08. Next Thursday or Friday I will be spending my holidays with my kids at my parent's house. Hope the internet connection there is fine else I will be heading to cybercafe for good to get rid of this addiction on blogging. If by chance I'm neglecting my blog, blame that for the connection. Just need to have some luck on financial. Money-money should be funny in the rich man's world..there I go again with wild imagination..

Nov 15, 2008

Coach (part 2)

Here are some more breathtaking coach handbags dauntlesslara and tumbleweed pick your choice and hand it to me after the purchase LOL

New madison metalic fringe $1000-MYR3610.25

Hamptons Leather Satcher-$498 -MYR1797.90

coach legacy suede $798 -MYR2880.98

coach leather Julianne $498 -MYR1797.90

only tongue hanging out

Die hard Fans of coach (part 1)

Browsing through coach's site and found these bags I wish I have my hands on.

Coach legacy $498 -MYR1797.90

Op art collection - Price $358 - MYR1292.47

Leah handbag $298- MYR1075.85

Op- Art Julianne $378 - MYR1364.67

coach legacy $298 -MYR1075.85

Hmmm errr dauntlesslara and tumbleweed and hubby, if you happen to stumble over these bags errr hmm do you think it would be a nice amazing unbelievable birthday gift for a birthday girl on her birthday month? LOL

Food in between the Events

Food hunting ..

My choice sweet and sour chicken and rice

Teh C special (mix with Palm sugar@ Malacca sugar)

Noodles with chinese name which I forgot, Rita's Choice

Past Events in School

Activities done before the school holiday :
Annual Dinner at Juta Hotel 12/11/08

the food and drinks

teachers and staffs

my table

prizes and certificates presentation by the headmistress

RIMUP (Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan) and Children's Day

'When you're Gone' by Avril Lavigne sung by talented singer in the making

Student's Choir

Mini Convocation for Year 6

13 students gained 5As and 12 students gained 4As and 1B for UPSR this year over last year with 7 students obtaining 5As.

Nov 12, 2008

Hot Jeans in Japan Now.

Dare to wear this? To dinner party? sure all eyes will stick on your lower parts. Do you think its creative or seductive? or both? I think its okay to wear if your tummy is flat and not bulging, also when you have fair skin. Dark skin? well the look alike panty will not shown more on dark ones, I think.