Nov 1, 2008

I hate "Doubtful Promise"

What is a PROMISE?
A promise which is also called troth is a physchological contract indicating a transaction between two persons whereby the first person undertakes in the future to render some service or gift to the second person or devotes something valuable now and here to his or her use. A promise may also refer to any kind of vow or guarantee.(credits to wikipedia)
In my simple words 'promise' is something that you give to someone to expect and that someone is hoping by the promise you gave. No matter big or small your promise is, it really matters if the other person is already hoping and wishing something from it. How if you failed to meet the promise? Do you say sorry? or do you think the person you gave promise to, doesnt have the heart and brains to think that you are a promiser but a fake one and is hopeless..
Do you promise someone today? do you manage to fulfill it, or just goes on and on promising your heart out but breaking it every minutes pass by? That's the fact that I just don't like to promise, if knowing that by chances any unknown circumstances would break out the made up promise.
If I made a promise , I will make sure that if the promise is not fulfilled, I will apologized heartedly and meant it ,else you are not gaining any respect and believe again from someone that trusted you from the start.
Its not the promise that matters, its the respect and faith you have placed it on someone. You lose it, you lose respect and believe from them, when you lose them, you lose friends and when you are losing friends, you are alone..Man cannot live alone..Thats why God made Eve for Adam.
Respect and be careful what you promise today!


Jody Donnelly said...

I don't like to make promises and more I don't like receiving promises because there is always something that could come up :)

FJL said...

If the promise is fulfilled then its fine, but what if its not, right? better nothing.:)