Nov 15, 2008

Die hard Fans of coach (part 1)

Browsing through coach's site and found these bags I wish I have my hands on.

Coach legacy $498 -MYR1797.90

Op art collection - Price $358 - MYR1292.47

Leah handbag $298- MYR1075.85

Op- Art Julianne $378 - MYR1364.67

coach legacy $298 -MYR1075.85

Hmmm errr dauntlesslara and tumbleweed and hubby, if you happen to stumble over these bags errr hmm do you think it would be a nice amazing unbelievable birthday gift for a birthday girl on her birthday month? LOL


flojoe said...

atuk3.. mahel wo!! ko tunggu ja adiah ko next wik kekeks!!

FJL said...

wakakak cakapla blg tu beg santik santik oii hahaha..

Jody Donnelly said...

wo w really cool
when is your bd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

FJL said...

Just kidding with my sis,
24th this month, am getting wise already LOL