Jan 28, 2009

TAG from Faye- TAG: 15 Weird Things/Habit/Little Known Facts About Me

Tag from Faye, sorry for taking time so long to reply ..
As I can see that there are slashes between the word things/habits and little known facts about me, well I choose 15 Little Known Facts About Me, so you get the better of me hehe

Ok, let me proceed with the tag.
The rules are :
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

4. No tag backs!

1. Well to start with, I have three to four nicknames.. Two from home, dad and my siblings call me Nong, and my mum calls me Len, my friends call me Flo sometimes Rene, Rin. Either way its still me Flo on the go :)

2. I have a passion in playing music instrument although never ends any with any grade, just play the instruments with kampung2 style. Musical instruments that I can play are guitar, keyboard, piano, recorder, mouth organ@harmonica.. These are my instruments but never have the time to play for long, except for the piano, I played it on the keyboard using the piano mode.

3. Actually I like to paint but now with workload, I'm not sure about my skills. My first drawing was shown on a tv programme with Kakak Ann, I forgot the name, and my drawing was a scenery of rubber tappers tapping rubber trees.. Proud Huh ! yes ..at the age of 10 -11. I can't recall anymore. Whats more I got paid from it..MYR5 for each displayed drawings on tv. Managed to have some pocket money from it. MyR5 was quite a money for me at that age and at that time..

4. I don't like mess, and this means tidy and organized, but with kids around, that cant be helped. Sometimes a mess will only delay my routine work. So you see I hate mess.

5. I'm impatient and when something I plan is already planned, I want to get it done and finish it and enjoy the labor of getting it and live with it. Once in a life time.

6. I dont like the color green but I admire the green surroundings and green eyes, reminds me of witches in tales.

7. I don't like being controlled of my life.

8. I like travelling seeing other world and places before I die that means if I have the chance and big bucks...erk.

9. I dont like to offence others by words and if happens Im out of controlled that means the other party is the first to start it. I like sweet revenge too in my own way haha.

10. Found blooging as one of the ways to pouring out whats from the hearts..

11. Wow now that's make 10, I thought I have finish, really is hard to get another 5 eh, now the 11th will be like watching horror movies, crimes and murder stories, comedy ones is another option.

12. Enjoy the time flies with books, now cant really find enough as most were given to the kids and home.

13. Was once an active member of the Church choir in the 90s.

14. I like Jelurut a traditional kuih from my place in Beaufort.

15. Am dying to know myself and little did I knew much. That's make 15 and I'm done. *panting*

I would like to tag :
1. Tumble the Weed
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5. Jody Donnelly
6. Sandie Lee on writing and Life
7. Good Health

Thats make 7 not 10, well I dont have enough blogger buds for now. I think that will be fine. Okay Faye abis utang but satu pasal tag picture aiya itu mo paitung muka dulu and mimang nda la tebuat, satu pun kira jadila tu kan hihi

Jan 27, 2009

Hope For A Better Year.

Red packets, red lanterns, red clothes and mandarin oranges marks the Chinese New Year celebration.
People born in the Year of the Ox are patient, speak little, and inspire confidence in others. They tend, however, to be eccentric, and bigoted, and they anger easily. They have fierce tempers and although they speak little, when they do they are quite eloquent. Ox people are mentally and physically alert. Generally easy-going, they can be remarkably stubborn, and they hate to fail or be opposed. They are most compatible with Snake, Rooster, and Rat people.
That's the year of the Ox -2009. Interesting. Compatible with the rooster, I am one, so that will be fine. Back to kampung, roaming yet not so much as the shops mostly were closed. Lion dance just happened to observe today during one of my morning strolling with Darrell. Just having my blogging in one of the cyber cafe with him playing games beside me. Pictures uploading were not easier so I just went to the cc but forgot to bring the card reader. Bad luck eh. Anyway I just saved some pics from the net, to brighten up my post and here I am so much hope as to finish this entry ;) ..
Gong Xi Fa Chai and happy holidays.

Jan 21, 2009

Almost Midnight Rants

Its 11.24 and its almost midnight. Is tomorrow a holiday? Nope, not even an inch. So why are you still not sleep? Well Im just having one of my sometimes pouring idea that gushing out of nowhere. Outside is again raining cats and dogs and I hope thunder and lightning would come after I finish this entry. If its happen in the middle of my typing then I guess its time for me to head for the pillow. (Actually it happened after I typed in the word 'already', what a coincidence just mere luck?) The rest of my family members were already in their highway of dreamland and Im still facing the computer. So what's this big Idea pouring? Idea? I guess its already gone with the power failure just now. I think its hinting me to get my beauty sleep. Anyway tomorrow is the fourth working day, the second best day of the week after Friday and next week will be a one week holiday for the Chinese New Year Celebration. Will be back to Kampung and lots of roaming , Lalalala, before I zonk out I leave you with this picture. It really is hard to take rain picture I mean the showering of the rain right. Just managed to catch this one during one of the afternoon hour to mark the wet wet season now. Good night all and have a sweet dream.

Jan 16, 2009

Hujan oo Hujan

The above title means "Rain Rain" in English..
Its been raining since the early day of New Year. People here would say its because the Chinese New Year celebration is around the corner that making the rain keeps on coming. Believe it or not, its just the regular saying in my place..
In general there are 2 seasons in Malaysia: Rainy-Season and Non-Rainy-Season. But as everywhere in the world, the climate is also changing here. That's why it is not easy to say, when exactly these seasons are. The climate is affected and determined by 2 monsoons: The North-East Monsoon from the South China Sea affects especially the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia in December until February and the South-West Monsoon, which brings rain during the months April/May and September/October or better: usually it brings rain!

Rain or not it will not prevent me from touching the water, may I mummy?..

(If mum is not looking I will surely play more....)

That's more like my sketsa yg teda-teda hehe, luckily its hot during the afternoon time today but dont know what will bring in the evening later.
Sometimes it suddenly will just turn out one like this
or a bit fierce like this :and forming puddle like this :)

Jan 14, 2009

Popular Questions This Month ..

Question 1 : Teacher please see that my child sits in front of the class okay?..
Answer : I have to see your child's height first and her/his sight is well. If your child is short then chances are your child would get the front seat in the class and in bracket if he or she is naughty enough that she will get that first class seat in class..

Question 2 : Teacher, my daughter wouldn't be able to come to school today, she is not well.
Answer : You can just give me the medical certificate when she's coming back well, you don't have to see me or else I will end up meeting all the parents with sick kids and would not be able to teach on time.

Question 3 : (over the school phone, I thought its from the bank or something, its one of the very concerned parent again whose son's name begins with Putera Adam or in English 'Prince Adam' ) my son is a very timid boy ( yeah I know.. ' your majesty'), his class is IK, but he mistakenly went to year 1J and stayed there a few days, didn't any teacher tell the students to change class and goes back to their own class when lesson finished? (happened during the PM/PI lesson)
Answer : OMG I said inside, during the transition programme they were told about the class changing and how am I going to tell the students to go back to their own class if I myself just learning really hard to memorize about 100 over student's name and recognize the faces of 33 new students in my new class.. I sure must go for the gingko biloba for better fast memory like Tumbleweed said, I think..

Question 4 : (By SMS and parent whose son I taught last year still trying to get in touch) Teacher what's the cellphone number for year 2k class teacher? I want to ask my son's class time table.
Answer : No answer.

Question 5 : (over the school phone to my PP regarding my class) Teacher, my daughter whose name is so and so has been ear pulled by one of the teacher, my daughter is still small, and has pus in her ear/telinga benanah forgot the word in my language..) how if your daughter is in my daughter's shoe?
Answer : investigating, interrogating and found nothing. No ear was pulled, not by the teachers or the students, so I think the Holy Ghost has pulled her ear..

Question 6 : Teacher my daughter has not been given the English Text book.
Answer : English Text book? What class is your daughter? (although I already knew) 1k came the reply. Well if she's in the best class she will get the text book but then she's in the K the second last class. The best classes were given as they already knew how to read, the elementary ones or the weak ones I should have said (but didnt say), will get the book later as the stocks were not enough and will only arrive in mid year. Giving me an unsatisfied look, he walked away after saying thanks but no thanks as he's the one related to the mother whose daughter's ear been pulled by the Holy Ghost.

Question 7 : (the most popular question coming from the students) Teacher I want to pee or cikgu sia mo kencing...
Answer : How should you say that in polite manner? Please teacher may I go to the toilet? or else you will end up saying 'sia mo kencing /I want to pee till Year 6.
(the fact ...? it goes on and you have to repeat it every hour of the day in the class)

Above were the popular questions in Year 1 students which I managed to store up, there were many but I didn't want to remember all, it makes me dizzy and spinning like a top, makes me wondering if my kids enter school time in future, would I be that concerned and bothersome? .

Jan 10, 2009

Back to Business

My first post for the new year and its Saturday, the second week in 2009 and its about to end, had been busy these days, last minute work has done and now back to blogging. Not much had happened during the previous weeks, if it had then it might had been neglected due to other stuffs that need tending. Well the leisure holidays was over, back on track with work and routine life, the feeling is still holidaying and new year-issh! Hmm whether wants it or not, back to regular life..

Drizzling during the journey back