Jan 14, 2009

Popular Questions This Month ..

Question 1 : Teacher please see that my child sits in front of the class okay?..
Answer : I have to see your child's height first and her/his sight is well. If your child is short then chances are your child would get the front seat in the class and in bracket if he or she is naughty enough that she will get that first class seat in class..

Question 2 : Teacher, my daughter wouldn't be able to come to school today, she is not well.
Answer : You can just give me the medical certificate when she's coming back well, you don't have to see me or else I will end up meeting all the parents with sick kids and would not be able to teach on time.

Question 3 : (over the school phone, I thought its from the bank or something, its one of the very concerned parent again whose son's name begins with Putera Adam or in English 'Prince Adam' ) my son is a very timid boy ( yeah I know.. ' your majesty'), his class is IK, but he mistakenly went to year 1J and stayed there a few days, didn't any teacher tell the students to change class and goes back to their own class when lesson finished? (happened during the PM/PI lesson)
Answer : OMG I said inside, during the transition programme they were told about the class changing and how am I going to tell the students to go back to their own class if I myself just learning really hard to memorize about 100 over student's name and recognize the faces of 33 new students in my new class.. I sure must go for the gingko biloba for better fast memory like Tumbleweed said, I think..

Question 4 : (By SMS and parent whose son I taught last year still trying to get in touch) Teacher what's the cellphone number for year 2k class teacher? I want to ask my son's class time table.
Answer : No answer.

Question 5 : (over the school phone to my PP regarding my class) Teacher, my daughter whose name is so and so has been ear pulled by one of the teacher, my daughter is still small, and has pus in her ear/telinga benanah forgot the word in my language..) how if your daughter is in my daughter's shoe?
Answer : investigating, interrogating and found nothing. No ear was pulled, not by the teachers or the students, so I think the Holy Ghost has pulled her ear..

Question 6 : Teacher my daughter has not been given the English Text book.
Answer : English Text book? What class is your daughter? (although I already knew) 1k came the reply. Well if she's in the best class she will get the text book but then she's in the K the second last class. The best classes were given as they already knew how to read, the elementary ones or the weak ones I should have said (but didnt say), will get the book later as the stocks were not enough and will only arrive in mid year. Giving me an unsatisfied look, he walked away after saying thanks but no thanks as he's the one related to the mother whose daughter's ear been pulled by the Holy Ghost.

Question 7 : (the most popular question coming from the students) Teacher I want to pee or cikgu sia mo kencing...
Answer : How should you say that in polite manner? Please teacher may I go to the toilet? or else you will end up saying 'sia mo kencing /I want to pee till Year 6.
(the fact ...? it goes on and you have to repeat it every hour of the day in the class)

Above were the popular questions in Year 1 students which I managed to store up, there were many but I didn't want to remember all, it makes me dizzy and spinning like a top, makes me wondering if my kids enter school time in future, would I be that concerned and bothersome? .


nd said...

aduh....duh...flo if i was being asked with ol these questionaires..imy answers..emmm o really....ya ka...wait n c la amcm if mau layan ol ....plzzz la kan ...hehe...i can imagine ur kepeningan head nw....phewww

FJL said...

ya bah, time ujan ni flu pun datang, parents awal masuk, u ask the students to line up time pulang, other parents yg nda sabar tunggu said 'sudahka cikgu?' ei mo ja aku katuk tu pala, if I nda paduli kids drg jatuh kah tidak kasi kuar ja mcm kambingkan berabut2. kin panas suma.Mebe God above let me have all this to practice those 'patient' hihi..

Tumbleweed said...

doi dogo byk soalan bonus juga! pingsan aku inda lama kalau aku di sana..harharhar

FJL said...

mo pingsan ja nda, suma flu n batuk pula mo kuar sebab keabisan air liur mo jawab suma soalan cepumas hihi

FLOJOE said...

atukoi....mati nah kalau sia jadi cigu mimang lama sudah sia pingsan nda bangun2....

FJL said...

menguji kesabaran tahap gaban hihi

FLOJOE said...

iya bah!! mati eh!