Nov 2, 2011

Sunrise For Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday Link

Oct 26, 2011

Fighter Fish for Wordless Wednesday

Oct 23, 2011

When Sunset Comes..

I was driving home one evening when I saw this guy lying on top of some used boxes in a moving truck.  He seemed relax and did not care for the traffic jams around him.  I grabbed my cellphone and captured his relax moment for my post in October.  Its been almost one month passed since my last entry.  Ive been doing some real making money online these few weeks.  Its a luck when I stumbled upon a blog.  It really made my days when there were real money in my PayPal account.  So when sunset comes, there are my opportunities of making money in dollars not ringgit nowadays.  I have spent lots of time in Face book doing nothing but here I found real money that gets me real excited when sunset comes.  It signals the hours where I have to work during night time rather than spending time playing games in Fb as those hours can be used to earn extra income.  Those of you who likes to write or do some freelance writing during your free time can head on the link above. Till then, have a great weekend!

Sep 25, 2011

Autumn in my heart..erkkk in my place :P

 Recently I noticed that a tree at the side of the house is changing colors to red instead of green.  Its a kind of tree that grows to three to more layers and actually its just a plain, common tree to locals.  While googling it on the net I found its name as Pokok Doa or a Prayer Tree? and its scientific name is Bucida Molineti . It provides shelter when it grows big and now the tree has five layers with each layers and branches growing higher and tries to touch the sky.  Being a great lover on nature and its landscape I was lucky to have this tree as it becomes an alternative car park  with a natural shelter for me when the parking lot in front of the house is full.  It is also a pretend autumn tree for me as the climate in my country is summer all year long.  That goes me with the autumn tree in my heart, its falling leaves scattered under, making a crushing sound when you step on them.  I know Ive been away too long in my greenery corner but now I hope Im back with good greens info again and I know everybody is doing great out there under the sun. 

How's the trees in your place?

Sep 7, 2011

Thoughts to begin what seems like ending..

           Its been almost a year since my last post. Now Im back with new theme to get my blogging mood going.  Ive  been busy and being lazy most of all.  No other special reason, just plain simple 'lazy'..and what did I get for that? Im feeling a little rusty now that I havent been doing much writing, moreover reading..(Im falling behind..lalala) The more rusty I get, the capabilities of writing are either getting more or getting less and I knew Im at the edge of getting less..but still am trying to do my very best to polish up those rusty skills so I can say I havent entirely lose that touch.
            So friends how have you all been doing since I'm gone -lazy? I hope you've been doing great through all the ups and downs in life..I've gone through a lot - trial and error, testing, having anxiety attacks, sickness, the works, you name it! Life's journey is a never ending process, its not just reaching  destinations but to believe that if not today been a good day believe tomorrow would be..!!
the road not less traveled..:P