Oct 29, 2009

My Durian Story..

Durian surely is hot this season. To foreigners, durians are considered something of a liability because of the pungent smell but for many its the other way round.
Everywhere I go now I can see durians selling cheap ranging from rm2-4 and the costly one around rm6. The cheapest I bought was rm10 for 6 durians. Not only in the market and ordinary shops, coffee shops and even hardware shops one can see durians easily as well as in my workplace I can buy durians from my colleague cheap with nice taste. Speaking of the taste I like durian which is not very sweet, sweet but not bitter sweet. Normally the bitter sweet one is a hybrid type.
What I want to tell about durian is that it is a 'hot' kind of fruit, in other words has warming properties when consume and the experience of having a heaty feeling during night sleep is normal. Durian is believed to have high calory and people who already overweight or obese, high blood pressure, heart conditions and diabetes, should eat durians in limitation and with caution. Dad always remind us not to eat durian and then other food in one go. Moreover when you are on medication it is a no no. He was afraid that the mixture of durians with other things will cause sickness.
I always remember that and Im saying this due to my blood pressure taken this evening after eating durians last night. It was a 135/88 a bit high compare to my normal blood pressure. I was told that I should take the reading in early morning where no stress and pressure from work, and other things like eating durians can also makes the blood pressure increase. I remembered my last night consumption of durians and today I have about 5 of the fruits in the car. Wahhh tomorrow if I read my blood pressure sure it will increase more. I think thats the last for my durian eating. But if its free I can't resist the temptations..uwaa.

p/s : how's durian in your place?

Oct 23, 2009

Sunset Pics

Evening comes early nowadays. It usually does towards the ending months of the year. I took these pictures as I headed home from work around quarter past 6 in the evening the other day. Streaks of lights above the sky perhaps from a rocketship?

Nearing the traffic light the sunset sky is surely pronounced with good camera. I like sunset but people believed that sunrise is better ..both are awesome to me.

Thats my sunset pics of Friday, anyway happy weekend you all.

Oct 11, 2009

Dalai Lama's Advice

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama

Wow Dalai Lama proverb men. Dont be funny its not always money..I found its interesting to have different kinds of inspiring quotes in my side bar each day.. Is it possible to be kind? Sure maa, easier said than done. So wanna just asking you some questions of being kind..Ready with an aura of being kind colours on the head guys? check it out.

1. When you have the only spare time to have your last minute shower, a human with unclear mind takes your ready water in the pail and shower away with songs and yes this particular human is not rushing anywhere except expanding the body to its maximum level in its extra time, while you only have 15 minutes to speed up to work. Will you be kind as to say..God's willing please forgive this faithful innocent human as its body needed the water and will withered if not clean in the nick of time..

2. A day with housework will at least lessen those fats rather than snoring and makes one lazy to the fullest. Would you mind as being kind to let your siblings or friends, relations or whoever, not to hold the broom so as not to break their cells of forming a state of cleanliness in your environment? Be kind as to say ..God please forgive this human as you have given me strength to hold the broom all the rest of my life and indeed he or she has not the ability.

3. Some days do filled with good times and some days were not. There were days when someone just feel contented and feel the urge to praise the self. Questions will raise up like, uggh your belly fats..excuse me dude, I have two kids and these fats wouldnt formed like yours when Im in your state..but the state of being kind is just to smile stupidly. Can you stand silly marks like that? ya ya man wouldnt understand and would just say women stories, just like it.

4. There was sometime ago when I read something like this..I have forgotten the source " Dont let someone humiliates you without your consent" hmmm its surely something to think about ya..

5. I dont have number 5, * a good essay will have five good points at least, so this one is not on the list* my mind got stuck of wanting to eat a cake right now. Smells of cake foreseen under my nose.. Being kind to my kids for the food..can do maa.

Perhaps being kind is one way to get close to heaven...

p/s: seems like two posts in an hour are related in its type..hoho

Sunday's Rant

Life is surely fast going with its intention of never ending stories. Wah its a month today since my last entry. Some are nagging me for updates. I knew I have been neglecting this blog as there was actually time but since I didnt come up with any ideas so I just let this in peace, another excuse for the word 'Lazy'. Sounds funny there.
Well how are you guys been doing? surely packed with normal routine work. Ive been fighting really hard to keep my patient level at bay nowadays, be patient..sounds like soothing and comforting, but do you know how hard it is to succeed. Even God up there will end the world someday when the patient level is no more right. What then with me? Just a speck of dust in this galaxy. So wanna know your patient level? Click here.
A beach picture taken during the 4 weeks entry interval to ease the temperature level.
p/s : marah ke? tak..saja fikir nak mendusyum


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