Aug 17, 2009

August Full Moon

I saw you in the dark sky one night in August..
Never stop admiring, even under the weeds you look like lantern lighting the dark..
or from another grass angle, you simply look marvelous..
even from the unwanted greens..
Moonlight just simply the best..ahaks got it from someone's car logo..

Aug 16, 2009

Weekend Delight

with ready made flower
Been up, been down and Mr.Bean at 7.00 every evening..
Im crazy for chocolate moist cake recently, and craving for that I've baked a cake but replaced it with nescafe flavour as Im running out of cocoa and this was Nescafe Chocolate Moist Cake for my weekend delight and celebrating my first year anniversary as a blogger kaka.
without the flower ....... yum..

Before I baked the cake, I google for Brinjal recipe and found one for dinner. Fish? emm naah, vegetarian recipe this weekend..*having meat for the past two days making me switched to veggie*..Now Terung Masak Sambal or Brinjal cooked in Spicy Paste. Recipe? to google or not to google..
p/s : ruining my die it *diet*

Aug 5, 2009

That Sunday..

That Sunday we have this as breakfast, keropok lekor given from my colleague and mixed noodles. Not that much but Mr.Loba2 gave credits to the noodles. Thats what wives like to hear right, it motivates the cooking blood in me, cooking blood? ..haha..Now Im into baking again, the recipe? (Biarlah Rahasia kaka) Actually I want to declare weekend as days to see me hands off cooking, but I like to see people or rather my family enjoys my cooking. With swine flu causing death to 4 more making 12, I think I better cook for the family. Hmm..this evening we had sweet and sour chicken and Darrell his favorite fried rice. Who's cooking? Chef in restaurant. So called cooking in the blood yah.
11.35 p.m. time to head over to pillows.
p/s : cough cough cough..

What's yours that Sunday?

Aug 4, 2009

of H1N1, anger and bored...

The whole globe is now havoc with H1N1. Even to a remote place, H1N1 is now as glamor as celebrities, creating fear in people's mind. Up to this post, there were 8 deaths in Malaysia relating this new disease which has the common symptoms like seasonal flu that we always experiencing. Except for diarrhea and vomitings, health officers are now nervously watching signs of mutation and a sneak peak at what the rest of the world might be in during the coming months.
So whats H1N1 or Swine Flu has got to do with me...naah I might be a little worried since I had a flu recently but thank God no fever, had swallowed 2-4 flu's tablet, but now been coughing irritatingly. Ive done as best as I can to get rid of the cough by buying syrup coughing medication and staying away from cold drinks since 3 months ago. But when I cough Mr.Loba-Loba started frowning disgustingly. I aint asked for this cough right, and for sure I cover my mouth with my tops..but not enough with that he bought face masks..yeah yeah..thats good of him, giving one for me and keep some for handy reach. I didn't wear it in school as my colleagues havent use it yet. But now Im wearing it at home as Mr Loba-Loba think I will be spreading my flu virus soon to the kids and they will get sick..yeah yeah whatever, Im still the one who look after the kids right when they are sick, who's the one to wake up middle of midnight to pop the tablets unto the sick child..and who's getting the child always to the clinic to seek medic? yeah yeah this Mrs ..err..not wanna upgrade the title a bit ..Madame Moisselle also what..
With the haze weather now on, my mood also swings of being appreciated and slaving to death with little comfy living..yeah yeah live till this moment also a bless already*softening the boiling anger* ..hurt? no..offended.
Its the 7th month of 2009 and life just seems spinning but just ends on point 1, dont know when the tenth will end. All this stuffs just makes me lost heart and bored until no words to describe, *yawn* ..
deco pic of how H1N1 effected the school scene..

Aug 1, 2009

The Tale of A Chocolate Moist Cake

The other day I bought a chocolate moist cake from my colleague and Emerald really likes it. I was about to order again but at a second thought I said I better trying to make the cake myself. Browsing through the net I found several recipes of making the cake. After school hours ended on Friday I went to buy the ingredients needed. The baking session went on smoothly and so was the deco. But when Emerald tasted it in the morning she said 'yuck' and threw it outside the house. I was prepared for this as Ive tasted it the night before. It didnt turn out to be the same taste as my colleague's cake. The sweetness was not there and for sure it was not moist, the topping yes. What Ive learnt from this baking was that never trust an instant cake which everything was prepared in a box and only waiting for you to pop it in the oven. The outer side of it will turned out perfect but not the taste.
I knew the mistake, I should buy ingredients which have to be measured first before I bake them. On my second attempt which consists of measured ingredients for the concern cake, guess what?.. the outcome was really rewarding, a truly chocolate moist cake indeed it became, only I hope that no yucky things again in the morning..
the cake
the ganache topping
the whatever deco
tadaa...a slice of chocolate moist cake with mango as the background..the taste 'yummy' according to my tongue..