Dec 7, 2009

Commercial Break...

This was a message sent from a friend which indeed made me grinned and I hope will do to you too.

This is a crime story :
5 friends lived in one house, namely Mad, Brain, Crazy, Somebody and Nobody. One day, Somebody killed Nobody. That time Brain was in the bathroom. Mad called the police.

Mad : Is this the police station?
Police : yes, what is the matter?
Mad : Somebody killed Nobody.
Police : Are you mad?
Mad : yes, I am Mad.
Police : Don't you have brain?
Mad : Brain is in the bathroom.
Police : You are crazy!!
Mad : No, crazy is busy reading this message ..hehe..

(picture -credits to KissDemon2)

Nov 29, 2009

Those Previous Weeks...

Been busy the previous weeks and currently addicted to the games in FB. Below are some activities done before we hurray for the long school holidays wont be long before January and new year comes ..
Telematch Level 1 ;

with colleagues
upsr mini convo 2009 -17 pupils gained 5AS..CONGRATULATIONS.
and getting older but young at heart *quoting hasni 's remark hehe

Oct 29, 2009

My Durian Story..

Durian surely is hot this season. To foreigners, durians are considered something of a liability because of the pungent smell but for many its the other way round.
Everywhere I go now I can see durians selling cheap ranging from rm2-4 and the costly one around rm6. The cheapest I bought was rm10 for 6 durians. Not only in the market and ordinary shops, coffee shops and even hardware shops one can see durians easily as well as in my workplace I can buy durians from my colleague cheap with nice taste. Speaking of the taste I like durian which is not very sweet, sweet but not bitter sweet. Normally the bitter sweet one is a hybrid type.
What I want to tell about durian is that it is a 'hot' kind of fruit, in other words has warming properties when consume and the experience of having a heaty feeling during night sleep is normal. Durian is believed to have high calory and people who already overweight or obese, high blood pressure, heart conditions and diabetes, should eat durians in limitation and with caution. Dad always remind us not to eat durian and then other food in one go. Moreover when you are on medication it is a no no. He was afraid that the mixture of durians with other things will cause sickness.
I always remember that and Im saying this due to my blood pressure taken this evening after eating durians last night. It was a 135/88 a bit high compare to my normal blood pressure. I was told that I should take the reading in early morning where no stress and pressure from work, and other things like eating durians can also makes the blood pressure increase. I remembered my last night consumption of durians and today I have about 5 of the fruits in the car. Wahhh tomorrow if I read my blood pressure sure it will increase more. I think thats the last for my durian eating. But if its free I can't resist the temptations..uwaa.

p/s : how's durian in your place?

Oct 23, 2009

Sunset Pics

Evening comes early nowadays. It usually does towards the ending months of the year. I took these pictures as I headed home from work around quarter past 6 in the evening the other day. Streaks of lights above the sky perhaps from a rocketship?

Nearing the traffic light the sunset sky is surely pronounced with good camera. I like sunset but people believed that sunrise is better ..both are awesome to me.

Thats my sunset pics of Friday, anyway happy weekend you all.

Oct 11, 2009

Dalai Lama's Advice

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama

Wow Dalai Lama proverb men. Dont be funny its not always money..I found its interesting to have different kinds of inspiring quotes in my side bar each day.. Is it possible to be kind? Sure maa, easier said than done. So wanna just asking you some questions of being kind..Ready with an aura of being kind colours on the head guys? check it out.

1. When you have the only spare time to have your last minute shower, a human with unclear mind takes your ready water in the pail and shower away with songs and yes this particular human is not rushing anywhere except expanding the body to its maximum level in its extra time, while you only have 15 minutes to speed up to work. Will you be kind as to say..God's willing please forgive this faithful innocent human as its body needed the water and will withered if not clean in the nick of time..

2. A day with housework will at least lessen those fats rather than snoring and makes one lazy to the fullest. Would you mind as being kind to let your siblings or friends, relations or whoever, not to hold the broom so as not to break their cells of forming a state of cleanliness in your environment? Be kind as to say ..God please forgive this human as you have given me strength to hold the broom all the rest of my life and indeed he or she has not the ability.

3. Some days do filled with good times and some days were not. There were days when someone just feel contented and feel the urge to praise the self. Questions will raise up like, uggh your belly fats..excuse me dude, I have two kids and these fats wouldnt formed like yours when Im in your state..but the state of being kind is just to smile stupidly. Can you stand silly marks like that? ya ya man wouldnt understand and would just say women stories, just like it.

4. There was sometime ago when I read something like this..I have forgotten the source " Dont let someone humiliates you without your consent" hmmm its surely something to think about ya..

5. I dont have number 5, * a good essay will have five good points at least, so this one is not on the list* my mind got stuck of wanting to eat a cake right now. Smells of cake foreseen under my nose.. Being kind to my kids for the food..can do maa.

Perhaps being kind is one way to get close to heaven...

p/s: seems like two posts in an hour are related in its type..hoho

Sunday's Rant

Life is surely fast going with its intention of never ending stories. Wah its a month today since my last entry. Some are nagging me for updates. I knew I have been neglecting this blog as there was actually time but since I didnt come up with any ideas so I just let this in peace, another excuse for the word 'Lazy'. Sounds funny there.
Well how are you guys been doing? surely packed with normal routine work. Ive been fighting really hard to keep my patient level at bay nowadays, be patient..sounds like soothing and comforting, but do you know how hard it is to succeed. Even God up there will end the world someday when the patient level is no more right. What then with me? Just a speck of dust in this galaxy. So wanna know your patient level? Click here.
A beach picture taken during the 4 weeks entry interval to ease the temperature level.
p/s : marah ke? tak..saja fikir nak mendusyum


je huhu

Sep 11, 2009

Its Friday again..

Days seem to pass by so much faster. Its September 11th and Friday again. It wont take long for Hari Raya Celebration and holiday, celebrations plus plus and school holidays. The weeks have been hectic and I just want to stay home and be lazy. But tomorrow wouldn't let me do what I wish as we are having a mini celebration for National Day/Indepence day in school. So that will only leave Sunday to enjoy the comfort of being at home with no rushing of doing things. Been cooking and baking as usual and taking pictures. With no journey and trips to make, what else is there for the entry than appreciating self routine work. Havent done much of Skywatching lately, as there's not much to see up there.

Something to ponder over by Maya Angelou, an American poet. He said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

just a random talk for a Friday evening.
Can't imagine life without holidays..

Have a nice weekend u all..

Sep 4, 2009

Wok With Me

Once upon a cooking time. Treat your eyes with my wok with Flo for the past few weeks. Enjoy the journey from the local dish to the ala-ala tak menjadi western style cooking. Pictures were taken straight after the dish cooked. Any inconvenient matters regarding growling tummy or drooling effects are not my responsibility.

blurry talapia masak lemak
kailan masak udang..or kailan cooked with shrimp..*Mr Loba2 as the advisor reminded me not to peel the shrimp's skin as it would keep the freshness and the sweet of it. So far haven't done any research yet..huhu
puding lapis coklat berbintik kinda la..haha
mixed bittergourd
crabby curry
fried rice with sausages and eggs-yeah I know Darrell's favorite..
mixed bean sprout
mayonaise shrimp..

That's it? huh..

Aug 17, 2009

August Full Moon

I saw you in the dark sky one night in August..
Never stop admiring, even under the weeds you look like lantern lighting the dark..
or from another grass angle, you simply look marvelous..
even from the unwanted greens..
Moonlight just simply the best..ahaks got it from someone's car logo..

Aug 16, 2009

Weekend Delight

with ready made flower
Been up, been down and Mr.Bean at 7.00 every evening..
Im crazy for chocolate moist cake recently, and craving for that I've baked a cake but replaced it with nescafe flavour as Im running out of cocoa and this was Nescafe Chocolate Moist Cake for my weekend delight and celebrating my first year anniversary as a blogger kaka.
without the flower ....... yum..

Before I baked the cake, I google for Brinjal recipe and found one for dinner. Fish? emm naah, vegetarian recipe this weekend..*having meat for the past two days making me switched to veggie*..Now Terung Masak Sambal or Brinjal cooked in Spicy Paste. Recipe? to google or not to google..
p/s : ruining my die it *diet*

Aug 5, 2009

That Sunday..

That Sunday we have this as breakfast, keropok lekor given from my colleague and mixed noodles. Not that much but Mr.Loba2 gave credits to the noodles. Thats what wives like to hear right, it motivates the cooking blood in me, cooking blood? ..haha..Now Im into baking again, the recipe? (Biarlah Rahasia kaka) Actually I want to declare weekend as days to see me hands off cooking, but I like to see people or rather my family enjoys my cooking. With swine flu causing death to 4 more making 12, I think I better cook for the family. Hmm..this evening we had sweet and sour chicken and Darrell his favorite fried rice. Who's cooking? Chef in restaurant. So called cooking in the blood yah.
11.35 p.m. time to head over to pillows.
p/s : cough cough cough..

What's yours that Sunday?

Aug 4, 2009

of H1N1, anger and bored...

The whole globe is now havoc with H1N1. Even to a remote place, H1N1 is now as glamor as celebrities, creating fear in people's mind. Up to this post, there were 8 deaths in Malaysia relating this new disease which has the common symptoms like seasonal flu that we always experiencing. Except for diarrhea and vomitings, health officers are now nervously watching signs of mutation and a sneak peak at what the rest of the world might be in during the coming months.
So whats H1N1 or Swine Flu has got to do with me...naah I might be a little worried since I had a flu recently but thank God no fever, had swallowed 2-4 flu's tablet, but now been coughing irritatingly. Ive done as best as I can to get rid of the cough by buying syrup coughing medication and staying away from cold drinks since 3 months ago. But when I cough Mr.Loba-Loba started frowning disgustingly. I aint asked for this cough right, and for sure I cover my mouth with my tops..but not enough with that he bought face masks..yeah yeah..thats good of him, giving one for me and keep some for handy reach. I didn't wear it in school as my colleagues havent use it yet. But now Im wearing it at home as Mr Loba-Loba think I will be spreading my flu virus soon to the kids and they will get sick..yeah yeah whatever, Im still the one who look after the kids right when they are sick, who's the one to wake up middle of midnight to pop the tablets unto the sick child..and who's getting the child always to the clinic to seek medic? yeah yeah this Mrs ..err..not wanna upgrade the title a bit ..Madame Moisselle also what..
With the haze weather now on, my mood also swings of being appreciated and slaving to death with little comfy living..yeah yeah live till this moment also a bless already*softening the boiling anger* ..hurt? no..offended.
Its the 7th month of 2009 and life just seems spinning but just ends on point 1, dont know when the tenth will end. All this stuffs just makes me lost heart and bored until no words to describe, *yawn* ..
deco pic of how H1N1 effected the school scene..

Aug 1, 2009

The Tale of A Chocolate Moist Cake

The other day I bought a chocolate moist cake from my colleague and Emerald really likes it. I was about to order again but at a second thought I said I better trying to make the cake myself. Browsing through the net I found several recipes of making the cake. After school hours ended on Friday I went to buy the ingredients needed. The baking session went on smoothly and so was the deco. But when Emerald tasted it in the morning she said 'yuck' and threw it outside the house. I was prepared for this as Ive tasted it the night before. It didnt turn out to be the same taste as my colleague's cake. The sweetness was not there and for sure it was not moist, the topping yes. What Ive learnt from this baking was that never trust an instant cake which everything was prepared in a box and only waiting for you to pop it in the oven. The outer side of it will turned out perfect but not the taste.
I knew the mistake, I should buy ingredients which have to be measured first before I bake them. On my second attempt which consists of measured ingredients for the concern cake, guess what?.. the outcome was really rewarding, a truly chocolate moist cake indeed it became, only I hope that no yucky things again in the morning..
the cake
the ganache topping
the whatever deco
tadaa...a slice of chocolate moist cake with mango as the background..the taste 'yummy' according to my tongue..

Jul 29, 2009

I dont have money...

Its recess time and as I was coming out from the class, two girls of Year 1 the class that Im teaching said to me, " Teacher she didnt have money".. Where's your money? I asked the girl with the long hair, actually her friend told that to me as normally young students will do. They never dare to tell their problem on the first place. Even when they almost want to pee. "My mother said she didnt have money for now" I didnt ask for more, cause I knew its almost the end of the month and only government and some private sectors have received their pay. "Didnt you bring anything to eat?" I asked again. "No" came the reply. I was about to go and leave the students to deal with their problem, when the small voice whispered to me "what if your child is in that situation?" I step back and I took some shilings and gave it to the long haired girl. I remembered my schooldays when money was hard and when its recess time I just stood watching and drooling seeing other students eating. I just dont want the girl to be like me for that day..

Jul 26, 2009

Should I or Should I not..

Lately Im falling again for you..
Every evening when I return home from work I will again staring at you..
from evening to almost mid of evening I will observing your pic piece by piece..
exploring and balancing should I or should I not..
and to this moment Im getting crazy for falling for you..
By hook or by crook, later or now..
its not that its a need, but rather a must..
to have you in my arms, to explore every inch of your original being..
Why or why, you should be a beauty in my eyes, while others say its not?..
Or Coach ..should I or should I not..
buying you as I can bargain for you in Malaysia for now...

Jul 22, 2009

Lost in ...

A grasshopper without a clear head ..
a chopper flying left
and to the right again
in a distant an unknown bird staring at the blue sky

and Ribena Kids running free in the open....aka kanak-kanak riang Ribena..

match my lost of ideas to update my blog cabin lately due to known reasons 'busy' *yawn*....

Jul 3, 2009

SkyWatch Friday - Island in the Evening Sky

An island in the evening sky if you let your thoughts going wild..

going wild with some applications..

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Jun 26, 2009

Thoughts on Saturday

Gone were the King of Pop and one of Charlies Angel stars one day in June. Fans all over the world are mourning for him especially. Of the two I admire the lady for the stunning actions she starred in the show and for him, the songs of humanity. A supremely talented artist yet they had to end up in one way where everyone of us would experience it when the time has come. Leaving us to stare in our own morbidity in the face of what we could bring when the time has come for us to say goodbye world. Our time has marked and our days are not that longer. When there's a chance to share the love you have in you, do it today when the clock is still ticking, and when that someone is still around standing. To hold on until its too late, has never been the better. Death is around us to make us learn from our mistakes and reminds me always. Our actions in life would speak for us when our own bell rings. Just my thoughts on Saturday as its drizzling in the morning, crying perhaps for the souls who were called to return home..

Jun 25, 2009

Polka dot Pinky Shoes

Guess its lucky to be small and young again with lots of new shoes and dresses to try compare to my oldies time..
Today's theme is Emeralds pink polka dot ballet shoes.
Thus my generous sisters out there if you go window shopping for shoes dont forget my little princess okay haha..
on the owners feet, but now ending like gardening boots. Nowadays in the afternoon she tends to wear new clothes and shoes, makes the stuffs look like baju rumah..
p.s / Bus bilang kasut2 pun mo kena gambar ka? jawab aku dlm ati : suka ati akula blog aku wakakak..kang aku taru spender lagi ebat kakakak..

SkyWatch Friday #4 Friday’s Rainbow and an Evening sky

Not a very clear shot but ..again a rainbow for Friday. Showering of rains still do in some places.

watching the day as it leaving its phase...

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