Oct 11, 2009

Sunday's Rant

Life is surely fast going with its intention of never ending stories. Wah its a month today since my last entry. Some are nagging me for updates. I knew I have been neglecting this blog as there was actually time but since I didnt come up with any ideas so I just let this in peace, another excuse for the word 'Lazy'. Sounds funny there.
Well how are you guys been doing? surely packed with normal routine work. Ive been fighting really hard to keep my patient level at bay nowadays, be patient..sounds like soothing and comforting, but do you know how hard it is to succeed. Even God up there will end the world someday when the patient level is no more right. What then with me? Just a speck of dust in this galaxy. So wanna know your patient level? Click here.
A beach picture taken during the 4 weeks entry interval to ease the temperature level.
p/s : marah ke? tak..saja fikir nak mendusyum


je huhu


Flo J.Miffy said...

minumla kupi o dengan gue untuk melegakan kemarahan tu hehe.. tapi kalau sia pun mimang lagi berapi dari ko haha
nanti sia p men2 tu patient level kijap

FJL said...

saja je mo lepas geram,nanti i minta kupi cap kapal laut kijap lagi weiii..apakah level patient mu..akunya 9, diulangi 9*soft* je har har har..

Flojoe said...

kupi cap kapal laut teda tapi cap unta adalah kuang3..
level patient ku airan 11 la pula hahahhaa

FJL said...

yang bener dong ..wahaha

Flojoe said...

banchhhhhhhhi sia ko wo!!

Tumbleweed said...

ba mari sia belanja ko minum soya la ada sajuk sikit tu hati wekekee
mari kita soping on9 la siok juga buli cuci mato walo pon inda memboli

FJL said...

ya ko blanja aku beg koc la on9 ah haha