Oct 29, 2009

My Durian Story..

Durian surely is hot this season. To foreigners, durians are considered something of a liability because of the pungent smell but for many its the other way round.
Everywhere I go now I can see durians selling cheap ranging from rm2-4 and the costly one around rm6. The cheapest I bought was rm10 for 6 durians. Not only in the market and ordinary shops, coffee shops and even hardware shops one can see durians easily as well as in my workplace I can buy durians from my colleague cheap with nice taste. Speaking of the taste I like durian which is not very sweet, sweet but not bitter sweet. Normally the bitter sweet one is a hybrid type.
What I want to tell about durian is that it is a 'hot' kind of fruit, in other words has warming properties when consume and the experience of having a heaty feeling during night sleep is normal. Durian is believed to have high calory and people who already overweight or obese, high blood pressure, heart conditions and diabetes, should eat durians in limitation and with caution. Dad always remind us not to eat durian and then other food in one go. Moreover when you are on medication it is a no no. He was afraid that the mixture of durians with other things will cause sickness.
I always remember that and Im saying this due to my blood pressure taken this evening after eating durians last night. It was a 135/88 a bit high compare to my normal blood pressure. I was told that I should take the reading in early morning where no stress and pressure from work, and other things like eating durians can also makes the blood pressure increase. I remembered my last night consumption of durians and today I have about 5 of the fruits in the car. Wahhh tomorrow if I read my blood pressure sure it will increase more. I think thats the last for my durian eating. But if its free I can't resist the temptations..uwaa.

p/s : how's durian in your place?


kyrun _q said...

I luv durian, and it goes to as cheap as RM 1 per kg over here at time...

Hi Flo, tnx for the comment and the complement....ka? hehe

FJL said...

Kyrun q ;
ya but the durian season almost over i think, not so many in the market.. ya ba compliment..wah those days you were losing weights ahhhh..menten jgn tak menten hehe

cindy said...

I live in United States, southern California. I have never seen or heard of this fruit, durian, until I read your blog. Interesting, thank you!