Jul 26, 2009

Should I or Should I not..

Lately Im falling again for you..
Every evening when I return home from work I will again staring at you..
from evening to almost mid of evening I will observing your pic piece by piece..
exploring and balancing should I or should I not..
and to this moment Im getting crazy for falling for you..
By hook or by crook, later or now..
its not that its a need, but rather a must..
to have you in my arms, to explore every inch of your original being..
Why or why, you should be a beauty in my eyes, while others say its not?..
Or Coach ..should I or should I not..
buying you as I can bargain for you in Malaysia for now...


IsaiahEzra said...

hahahaaaa... i know how does it feel flo..

give it a try and buy it. although it's soooooo damn expensive for A HANDBAG, it's worth trying.

if it's worth it, you won't regret buying it again.

FJL said...

Faye Ive sighed a hundred times thinking of this, sometimes one should treat herself, if no one wants to, right (alasan..) keh keh..

FLOJOE said...

bah bili jan nda bili (kekeks... ;)

FJL said...

nantilah ..pikir2 timbang2..penyampai nya nda sukup..kalau jadi chek betiks seploh pun buli bli..hihi

FLOJOE said...

che bety kan kayos kekekes!

FJL said...

Ada juga aku cita dia, tapi dia blg mahel, skit lagi aku sakap, if tetiba gols urg len yg dapat lui ko hihi..

FLOJOE said...

wakakakaka!! Ja'at o Ko!!