Dec 7, 2009

Commercial Break...

This was a message sent from a friend which indeed made me grinned and I hope will do to you too.

This is a crime story :
5 friends lived in one house, namely Mad, Brain, Crazy, Somebody and Nobody. One day, Somebody killed Nobody. That time Brain was in the bathroom. Mad called the police.

Mad : Is this the police station?
Police : yes, what is the matter?
Mad : Somebody killed Nobody.
Police : Are you mad?
Mad : yes, I am Mad.
Police : Don't you have brain?
Mad : Brain is in the bathroom.
Police : You are crazy!!
Mad : No, crazy is busy reading this message ..hehe..

(picture -credits to KissDemon2)


teenbata20 said...

Thank you very much

Kerrie said...

Hi, I just stumbled your way and I love this xxx

FJL said...

Kerrie :
Thanks for stopping by and u r welcome anytime. :D