Mar 7, 2010

Seasons, Thoughts and stuffs..

Its been a while since my last entry. Not that I forgot to blog only just being lazy and has not been writing as much as I used to, busy in virtual farming and cooking in FB, so impressive huh!. The new year has passed by, calendars have been flipped, festivals being celebrated, and happenings went on and leave me on air with thoughts that intermingle each passing time..
Here in Blog Cabin the weather has been hot all the time, sometimes it looks like it was going to rain but still no sign of it. The cumulonimbus cloud were sometimes seen up there but still the days were scorching hot and so were the nights. Well I knew that other places were even hotter, only that I just write to remember the happenings that happened to mark those days, be it blue and red, its the life colour that comes to blend.
To those who live in the same climate as mine, do remember to drink more water to prevent dehydration and to those who don''s the weather in your place?
Till then have a happy Sunday and welcome the Monday blues of tomorrow.
Will continue again, sometime..probably..
Bits of Blog Cabin scene in the hot..


crystalzerosix said...

you are the photo lover...very nice picture....!!

don't forget to 'follow' my photoblog too...


FJL said...

Crystalzerosic :
Thanks for stopping by. Yours are way nicer than mine..very nice and awesome pictures there.will follow u too.
Keep up the amazing shots!!

Dawn said...

I like ur blog..

FJL said...

Thanks for the compliment and thanks for stopping by.:D

Flojoe said...

alalah kering suma kan? berapa lama bah ndada hujan ni d sana?

FJL said...

aku ingat 1 bulan, tapi kengkawan bilang dua bulan..panas juga oo..nasib ujan suda..