Mar 23, 2010

Its Raining..Thank God!

Three days after I blog about the haze, the rain that everyone here is missing finally came last night. It was a heavy one that lasted for hours till morning. I knew it as I often wakes up once or twice at night due to nature call and last night I caught the sound Ive been longing to hear. The rhythm of the falling rain. Thank God for His grace. Relieved and glad of the cold rain were the topic today. Just hope that it will be back to normal weather, more or less rain will sooner creates a problem. The prediction of the rain only comes in May was proved wrong. So hows the weather in your place?
drizzling as I headed home..


cicak said...

Hope the rain will never 'leave' us again ^____^

Have a nice week FJL

FJL said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Ya bah..hope and pray for the best.

Flo J.Miffy said...

lama pula sana ndada hujan kan? nasip nda smpi bulan 5. lebat ka hujan?

FJL said...

ya lama suda..skrg ada gerimis n ujan suda jugala. lebat mo sampai pagi..keta pun bersih trus.

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sundownerin said...

hi, here in kiel, germany we have nice sun. but it is cold, about 6°C.. need more temperature...

have a nice day!!

FJL said...

Hi Kiel,
Thanks for stopping by. 6'C wow, I never experience that in my life even one below 25'c, except from the air conditioner ;D
Anyway you too have a nice day ahead.

retno andriani said...

ow.. cuaca memang lagi berubah".. kadang panasss sekali, kadang hujan lebat..
tapi beberapa hari ini masih cerah saja..

kalo boleh tau di daerah mana yah?

A Piece said...

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Tanvi Nimkar said...

Hey your writing is magnetic and charming....Even about the most simple things of life you have written splendidly....good!

FJL said...

Retno Andriani : Hai Retno Thanks for stopping by. Saya di Keningau Sabah, negara Malaysia. Dua tiga hari ni pula agak panas, harap2 hujan lagi.:D

Tanvi Nimkar : Thanks for your compliment, and Im honoured. My writings were just things happened in my daily life but lately I havent updated my entries as the days were busy and I havent had more time as I wish to.