Mar 21, 2010

Late Night Thoughts..

Its back to routine work which starts tomorrow. I just didnt get enough of one week of school hols in kampung (aka as village). Although dad and mum's health are not in their best condition, I always missed the moments spent there. Sometimes I wish I can stop the clock and be free like birds in the sky without any problems to think and solve. These days birds also have problems with air like the haze we face now, its almost a month without rain, I mean heavy ones and I already begin to miss the tip tapper of rain drops. I just want to believe that fine and good things do happen when you least expect them! ..(although this unbearable weather has been forecasted to persist until at least the month of May!)
angle of another sunset scene during this haze..


Flojoe said...

wau.cantik gambar hehe

FJL said...

ni masa kemarau tu..kalau mo ambi gmbar sunset ngam time kemarau, mentari dia cantik tak terkate hehe