Nov 29, 2008

Picture Talk

Just wanna show some pictures I took during my endless journey to the city, perhaps its just because I wont be able to go to the city when I'm in Keningau then my footprints or rather shoe prints were all over the place especially the malls during this hols. Its not much but have a feast for the eyes as the pictures will speak for themselves.


Tumbleweed said...

bisa aja gue jadi supir ya? kalau soping jangan aja bisa lupe di bilik kn gue buah tangan ya bu! wekekekekeks

FJL said...

ya bisa aja gue jadi datin, buah tangannya petrol percuma dong haha

Tumbleweed said...

wahahahaha bisa aja tu bu, squek2 aja bisa sampai 1borneo kita wahaha