Nov 8, 2008

10 Fast ways to save $

Observing someone on ways to save $ fast..

1) be frugal (is that the word?) in everything, small portion of anything and a dab of something out of anything, dab of make ups, dab of clothes, shoes, bags, and live life like owning expensive stuffs..

2) avoid anything to be wasted, if there's a candy in the fridge even its one or two months old eat it, or give someone or a kid to finish it, forget the outcomes, it will tells..if nothing occurs then its fine, if somethings up then there's always the pharmacy to buy medication, forget the docs, the parents will tend to that..

3) wear clothes until its color faded or someone points something about it, be it negative then buy a new one but from the flea market,avoid the boutiques, be it positive wear it till it worn out.

4) go for the hit and run shopping, only buy something that's on your list, avoid anything glitters like the salesgirl shirt hinting a sale, remind yourself your bucks on your account will increase if buying only what is needed.

5) be on diet , be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, wait until you feel the dizziness of fainting then hit for the stove, cook large portions so that you will not be eating for days, that's thumbs up for the savings.

6) avoid bank loans, it will only makes you a hangman, you know that game? is it connected? figure it out..

7) avoid anything unnecessarily, live life as it is, don't follow the trend, but act like you are following if someone asks.

7) acted a nerd if you have to or you already destined to be one..

8) if someone asks you about your savings, just cut off their word by forming a gruesome face and pumpkin face if you have to..

9) buy cheap food and everything in small portion and use it for 1-2 months, even better if it can be used until 3.

10) stay at home and don't get out, being out from the home only signing a disaster for your savings, thus create a nest in your room, room sweet room..:p

The 10 ways above are based on my observation on someone and nothing but the truth. Any privacy policies and ways design aims to make these things clear are prohibited. Morale of the story don't make trouble for others while you are making yourself a diamond and air conditioned coffin to prepare the malls on heaven..

p?s : err hmmm dont let that someone stumble on my blog *%$#@@#$%*#%^ but you make my day err my post..


悉怛多缽怛囉PLANET said...

FLOJOE said...

hey!!that is the good one - especially when the economy teeters between bad and worse maybe the real lesson will be great haha

FJL said...

kudukut for others to know but act like not..hipo like mek itik and can't stand living together for the rest of my age.No thanx says gamei..:<

flojoe said...

haha! good words!