Nov 16, 2008

Finally School Holiday but..

YAY at last, school holiday is here from 15th Nov-2nd January 2009, still have some activities in school for two days on 17-18th Nov 08. Next Thursday or Friday I will be spending my holidays with my kids at my parent's house. Hope the internet connection there is fine else I will be heading to cybercafe for good to get rid of this addiction on blogging. If by chance I'm neglecting my blog, blame that for the connection. Just need to have some luck on financial. Money-money should be funny in the rich man's world..there I go again with wild imagination..


Tumbleweed said...

welcome home hehe

FJL said...

yeah with the two tom and jerry hehe

Tumbleweed said...

jaga kama si tom & jerry nanti becakar si mama mumuk yg susah hati wahahahaha