Nov 8, 2008

Thoughts + Imagination dot dot dot

Like this kind of hour on Sunday, at 10 minutes to 1 noon, I just had my lunch with hubby and kids. Morning has gone with busy house chores, and now they're all busying themselves mostly with playing internet kids games for the kid, other times watching TV sticking to Disney channel all the time and PSP games. Finish with that, hubby will always go down wasting his time at the backyard gardening, gardening and gardening..and myself got all the time surfing the net, from reading blogs by siblings, friends and those that fascinate me like local celebrities gossips as well as international celebrities, not that much knowledge gaining, but hey Im polishing my other language right.. (self defense)..
From the place where Im hoping my future house will be build and now in progress to the green lush of the backyard calming the sometimes stressing mind to the time where 18 years back when I was posted as trained teacher to a rural school about 1 and a half journey from my place, I think these are some of my wishes to remember :

1) become this ->2) having this

3) this4) lots of this5) and this

6) travelling 24/76) mmm and this

7) aha this one9) this

10) the list goes on..

9) but tends to forget this..
makes my Sunday's thought + imagination =.................................


FLOJOE said...

One reason I guess, it is difficult to recognize the influence of the time in which we live in today. Macam suma jadi 1 keperluan..

FJL said...

Man never me? others? hehe we know that.for everything remind ourselves to be grateful right.Lesson..lesson..hihi

flojoe said...

awesome!! i put it in my blog

FJL said...

bah pilih yg lawas2..hihi