Nov 27, 2008

Journey Home aka Balik Kampung

A bit silence in blog cabin, access to the net was quite slow in my parent's but luckily today tried to log in the afternoon and manage to break up the stillness. Went back to Papar on the 21st November with the kids and here are some pics I took during the journey. It was a down and up hill journey by Kimanis Road, a normal situation for locals here which can create dizziness if one not use to.

started early on that day..

whoooshhh down the hill

uphill angle

managed to capture a weird whirl clouds

a fork road nearing Papar

Emerald missed the journey by dozing off

Darrell always pick the middle seat with full body covers as he has less fats now and cannot stand the cold morning air ;)

almost there..
Happy holidays to all and hope you enjoy every minute of it..Life is short and we should live life to the fullest yet meaningful :)


Tumbleweed said...

I lurrrve the first & last picture! len kali jan suruh si amey ohoi! Daryl is owez in the co-pilot position. Go buyuix2 chaiyo! chaiyo!

Anonymous said...

ko yg pandu flo....cempion oh ko kan..

FJL said...

Tumbleweed : C amei memg kompem zz punya..Ya Darel co pilot hihi

kalo gue yang pandu, gimana sih mo ambik tu gambar dong..hik.

FLOJOE said...

ihh miss sia kandingau oh!! Alahla si amey tidur pula. Si buyui pula be"hoody" - kesajukan ka dia tu? kasian darel!! di tangah2 lagi dia tu haha..

FJL said...

ya begagar2 dia pepagi d kasi bgn, jadi tutup suma la, sb nda bnyak lemak..