Nov 28, 2008

Night Trip ( sort of)

When Im here I always bring the kids to Kota Kinabalu city with my sis and mum leaving dad at home as he doesnt like all of us roaming in the malls from day to night time. He said that all the malls seem much the same during the day and night and doesnt tell the time..(nda pandai malam) But what I like about dad is that he just said be careful when driving and to take really care of the kids. So we went and have a peek at 1Borneo as everyone is talking about this new hypermall in the city and I didnt want to be left behind ;)
passing Sabah Foundation building ..

We went in the afternoon and headed home at 8.30 night time.

Two models for the trip


Tumbleweed said...

Bisa aja gue jadi drebar juga supir

FJL said...

Tumbleweed : ya lu jadi sopir sebab gue mo rasa jadi datin ah..

FLOJOE said...

wah!! seronotnya jenjalan di hypermall ha. tinggi pula si darel. kamu bili apa la di sana? ari2 la kamu jenjalan ni?

FJL said...

ya nda abis round, leave some for tomorrow and the morrow after dat haha,nando d beli, jenjalan ja.