Oct 30, 2008

My School Sports Day

Normally school sports day will be held during the last few days or week before the school holidays in mid November started. We have our sports day yesterday in the sport's complex the whole day. Started as early as 7.30 a.m (but I came at 9) and ended at 5 plus in the evening. With two other teachers we were in charge of the prizes and certificates delivering, giving me opportunity to stay out from the sun rays. *err k not a tan freak*
Field events were held in the morning with some other track events with full march and prizes giving events in the afternoon.
high jump on the left side of the field

shot put on the right

track events
the spectators, mostly parents and students..

During the break at 11 plus I and two other teachers managed to sneak out to a restaurant to have our lunch..

fish noodles soup-Sarina's choice

Rita's - Sort of curry noodles or laksa noodles, I forgot..

and mine - worst choice, cruncy and dried chicken chop and rice with no veggies..

anyway a cold teh c ping or cold tea satisfied me..

back to the sports spot- We have 6 teams, each with colors, indigo, green, orange, yellow, red and blue and I'm in the yellow team. The opening ceremony was done at 2 in the afternoon..

the blue team who won the marching parade, in the picture they also looked cool, but the saluting minute were a bit long..

the indigo team who won second in the marching parade..smart and cool..

the green team who finished third, three teams (Blue, Indigo and green) which came top in my list to be the marching champ.

the red team

the orange team

and yellow team (my team) sob sob..the picture tells ( anyway cheers for your sport's spirit)

the school flag being carried by the Scouts

the sports oath..

the aerobics, Cikgu Mohazar as the leader pleaded the teachers and parents together with the students to get involve in the exercise..
the moments of aerobicercise?

reluctant VIPs to get moving in the aerobic..*grins*

the yellow team sign board bearer

the level one champs

the winners in their glorious moment representing Green team as the whole champ, Indigo-second and Orange-third.
and welcome SK SFX Keningau as the sports host for Keningau division 2009 *sigh*

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