Oct 3, 2008

MIL Ruler week

Monkey faces no, pig face yes.
This is hot food , it will increase your temperature, Nod2,
Hey now that's a cold one, it'll freeze your tummy, Nod or shake,
another rascal added,
mummy-mummy want this, 'yes',
mummy-mummy want that 'yes',
jumping up and down,
the rascal kid was in seven heaven,
wish I could smack him like a pancake,
nah, MIL would pout like a hungry goldfish,
should her rules be broken,
ugly betty and princess de lilot tailing all the way,
protest but unheard,
one week hols a one week turmoil,
a haywire life MIL created,
grinning hey I have the vetoes.

p/s : with thanks to Christina D for your MIL form.thumbs up.
a haywire poem for a haywire week..


Tumbleweed said...

we live to earn for living *sob sob* hehe..

FJL said...

living on controlling others..? No thanx says emerald hehe