Mar 20, 2009

E Visited Little N

Last two weeks I visited Val and kids and got this pictures.
Nowelz is almost 7 months now and a very chubby baby. The way he ate his meal makes me wished that Emerald could eat like that. He could finished his bowl of porridge and what a tummy after that! His brother Nowen is taller than I last saw him in 2008 and getting chubby as well. Nurul the cousin still the same slender girl. But the mother, way to go Val, you're getting slimmer and I'll catch up next year hehe

a closer look of this two


nd said...

alalalaalala flo almost nda dpt angkat sdh emerald c nowell kn...hehe tq la flo 4 d compliment..means my motivation utk maintain very high..wakakaka..

FJL said...

Ya ba c Emerald pun bilang "my big baby' everytime she sees this pic.Hehe. Ya bah aim high for the sky you can do it, psstt by maintaining, it decreases the years in us..wakakak (truly ni..2la mo catch up nanti hihi)

Tumbleweed said...

lala punya lama sia indamasuk sini, baru sia temasuk niari ni abis mencuri masuk dari upis *chuckle* adui si gamey mcm gumuk2 muka dia kn, mcm dia inda mo kasi lepas tu baby hehe... budak2 cute bedudun hihihihi *kim salam anak kwn ko tu*

FJL said...

ya jan ko, dia blg 'my baby' itu kalu nampak, bisuk2 dia, mo membawa ja p tingu ni baby, kin grigitan ni kalu ko nmpk ni bby, buka2 ja mulut dia suap tu bubur ba, capat ja aku snap drg sb mo telimpang sdh c gamei mo dukung ni baby,..hihi