Oct 30, 2008

My School Sports Day

Normally school sports day will be held during the last few days or week before the school holidays in mid November started. We have our sports day yesterday in the sport's complex the whole day. Started as early as 7.30 a.m (but I came at 9) and ended at 5 plus in the evening. With two other teachers we were in charge of the prizes and certificates delivering, giving me opportunity to stay out from the sun rays. *err k not a tan freak*
Field events were held in the morning with some other track events with full march and prizes giving events in the afternoon.
high jump on the left side of the field

shot put on the right

track events
the spectators, mostly parents and students..

During the break at 11 plus I and two other teachers managed to sneak out to a restaurant to have our lunch..

fish noodles soup-Sarina's choice

Rita's - Sort of curry noodles or laksa noodles, I forgot..

and mine - worst choice, cruncy and dried chicken chop and rice with no veggies..

anyway a cold teh c ping or cold tea satisfied me..

back to the sports spot- We have 6 teams, each with colors, indigo, green, orange, yellow, red and blue and I'm in the yellow team. The opening ceremony was done at 2 in the afternoon..

the blue team who won the marching parade, in the picture they also looked cool, but the saluting minute were a bit long..

the indigo team who won second in the marching parade..smart and cool..

the green team who finished third, three teams (Blue, Indigo and green) which came top in my list to be the marching champ.

the red team

the orange team

and yellow team (my team) sob sob..the picture tells ( anyway cheers for your sport's spirit)

the school flag being carried by the Scouts

the sports oath..

the aerobics, Cikgu Mohazar as the leader pleaded the teachers and parents together with the students to get involve in the exercise..
the moments of aerobicercise?

reluctant VIPs to get moving in the aerobic..*grins*

the yellow team sign board bearer

the level one champs

the winners in their glorious moment representing Green team as the whole champ, Indigo-second and Orange-third.
and welcome SK SFX Keningau as the sports host for Keningau division 2009 *sigh*

Oct 25, 2008

Been a busy week..

Been a busy week...??
1. Marking papers, grading, analyzing results
2. school activities
3. physically not well
4. school holiday's blues
5. house chores
6. etc etc

THIF again..and Monday a public holiday for Deepavali celebration..

Saturday's Commercial Break

Oct 18, 2008

eZee weekend..

Weekend is the day where I can wake up late and no need to rush for everything. That's why when there are activities being held in the school on Saturday I will feel so damn bored as it means that I only have Sunday where I will have more time with my family. (Congrats hubby 'you have school course today with formal suit ) "One who works wish to stay home and others vice versa." *whiner*

I think everyone is, especially those who love the phrase THIF (Thank God its Friday!) Now that student's exam was over, the only toughest part is to mark all the papers, graded them and making analysis of the results, but being almost 18 years in this profession makes me a champ to get it done even in the last minute and the papers are still in my car being hot and cold with the weather *yawn*

I'm lazy? hmm dont think so, perhaps its the school holidays blues causing, no wonder with kids to manage, and more when they are not well, I wish I have lots of bucks just to stay at home and be a full time home maker, perhaps I would start a business like bags boutique or shoe's and hire workers to do the work. (Imagination runs wild...)I will be the boss who will arrive in whatever time I like and for sure no meetings to attend as I'm the one who will be giving the meeting as I just like a brief talk with objectives to achieve, not like my former boss whose hobby is meeting, meeting and meeting even during weekend. I'm a follower kind of person and not liking the idea of being too committed to something and makes it a problem and things to think, it makes my hair rooting white early, and gives me wrinkles that crinkles before the time....
hey I'm thinking about work on weekend, be done with that, lets have this weekend a blessed weekend for all of us and there's that UK Fun Fair being held in my place soon, got to check it out and have fun with it. The last time a UK Fun Fair was held here I think was in 90s and I got a bumblebee plush from a game I played. Now its Emerald toy, well I never think when I got that toy, I will 'inherit' the toy to her. What will I capture this time? Time really flies huh.

Oct 13, 2008

Just For Fun

My Score for this lucky Quiz- whats yours?

Two Leaf Clover -I'm a bit of a skeptic (but who can afford to take chances and test fate?)

Do you ever take chances when given? How do you feel your luck and fate is? Wanna try this out..

Click HERE

Oct 11, 2008

Sketch of the other day..

Gloomy clouds gathering in the sky...

The bigger ones covering the sun

In a distant farmers planting paddy...

Others alone in the progress..

The rain is coming, a joy for the ones hoping..

Showering white rains

wet, blue and cold..

in my little haven in the corner of the world..

Oct 9, 2008

MIA for a reason..

One of the hardest part of becoming a parent is that the inability to avoid children sicknesses. My son is down with fever almost a week, coughing terribly then eye infection and still is for the time being. Sick is another story but to get him well by getting the medication syrup into his mouth is the toughest thing. He will whine and cry refusing with both hands then if you manage to pop the thing inside his mouth, the next thing you have to prepare is the vomiting part..Sucks, angry and everything flies into your head..you have to face again getting the bitter liquid to go inside him and hoping he will get better faster! His appetite has gone and he looks skinnier than before. Emerald caught a fever too but she recover faster, but no thanks if both are sick. Its hard to go to work leaving the kids at home with their babycare helper when they are not well when in the evening you're home finding the fever is still there and the heat is more. Im missing today from work, taking care of my not well son and hopping here expressing my words from the worried mind...

Oct 5, 2008

Thoughts of The day

I asked Him a bunch of blooming flower,
instead He gave me a thorn cacti,
I asked Him a butterfly,
He gave me a caterpillar,
Frustrated and sad
but perseverance and endure I bear,
Not long then
the cacti blooms a beautiful flower,
the caterpillar becomes a magnificent butterfly,
the way He loves us in His way,
always glorious in His chosen time..

For everything... there is a season under the sun....

Oct 3, 2008

MIL Ruler week

Monkey faces no, pig face yes.
This is hot food , it will increase your temperature, Nod2,
Hey now that's a cold one, it'll freeze your tummy, Nod or shake,
another rascal added,
mummy-mummy want this, 'yes',
mummy-mummy want that 'yes',
jumping up and down,
the rascal kid was in seven heaven,
wish I could smack him like a pancake,
nah, MIL would pout like a hungry goldfish,
should her rules be broken,
ugly betty and princess de lilot tailing all the way,
protest but unheard,
one week hols a one week turmoil,
a haywire life MIL created,
grinning hey I have the vetoes.

p/s : with thanks to Christina D for your MIL form.thumbs up.
a haywire poem for a haywire week..