Mar 25, 2009

Strictly For The Office...........

but can apply where necessary. We need laugh once a while to brighten up our day. Hope this will form a smile on you. Have a nice day ahead...

Mar 20, 2009

Sky Watch #2 A Rainbow for Friday

Its almost 6 in the evening when I look out outside and saw this rainbow near my home. Its getting dark as its going to rain perhaps later but this rainbow caught my sight. Two snaps for a skywatch Friday. Lucky me.
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E Visited Little N

Last two weeks I visited Val and kids and got this pictures.
Nowelz is almost 7 months now and a very chubby baby. The way he ate his meal makes me wished that Emerald could eat like that. He could finished his bowl of porridge and what a tummy after that! His brother Nowen is taller than I last saw him in 2008 and getting chubby as well. Nurul the cousin still the same slender girl. But the mother, way to go Val, you're getting slimmer and I'll catch up next year hehe

a closer look of this two

Mar 8, 2009

SkyWatch #1- Monday Clouds

Bubbles of clouds can be seen today..
Bluish of rains in a distant..
a UFO in the sky look alike cloud. Taken Dec 2008

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Monday but YAY!

Got up early to be the person who grabbed the seat of the computer first,updating blogs and read celebrities gossips, how impressing!.

Its now 30 minutes to 11am and Ive done nothing, didnt get my morning face wash and didnt even brush my teeth yet to eat a sandwich mixed with susu junjung..

Hubby frowned as he got to make the bed and now off to somewhere, I will finish and reluctantly give this seat to Darrell.

Its a public holiday today and so what..Im happy with nothing to rush..yet to feed the kids and HAVE to do the house chores else I ended being double trouble with the usual one work for each.

Im lazy for now..................................................

Random Pics

Random pictures for the day..
Raindrops falling from the glass window

an old water drum making tapping sounds as the water filled up..

classic cement grinder
scene of the unknown crime
my 'blog cabin" where no interfering pest like betik la pepet ..

a bucket full of water
septic tank before being buried
old stump being covered by two old pails, motive? still searching...
the soothing flows of the creek
giant taro