Apr 23, 2010

Im not well..

Recently Im not as I used to be. Am getting old and worn out with times. It seems that every now and then my joints hurt and every parts of me need medications. These few days a nasty fever keeps me on the go and my body swell up with hot air. I dont know whats wrong with me. I have my legs done for good the previous week and now this fever keeps on haunting me. It really makes the body wants to explode into thin air combining it with this humid weather again. Just wish the rain will come for good during this weekend to cool down things a bit. I need oxygen.. help! A new one as my lung is breathing hot air. Perhaps of pushing too hard in routine life. I dont know what will become of me in the near future. Really, Im jealous of those healthy bodies that run the ground, gaily and handsomely. Wish me a better health tho.

30mins of changing new car thermostat to fix the aircon problem.
a set of new tyre (legs) infront..
a change of usage ..to pots of plants.

Grinning :D :D...........


Liz said...

Wishing you cooler weather, better health and more youthful feelings--soon! Thank you for writing here, it is a pleasure to read.

FJL said...

Hi Liz ,
Thanks for stopping by. Its better now, getting the door and window fixed this morning (another new pain duh!). I will stop by yours during my spare time . Thanks again. :D

Qyrun Quiamco said...

Hi Flo...glad to hear that your getting better.
I thought i was the only one that needs maintenance..hehehe
but i found my cure..., by maintenaning and up dating my unattended blog..it works for me...a bit la!! hehe
Take care

Tanvi Nimkar said...

Hey Florence its a delight to know your name coz i believe in bonding from heart to heart... And yes i don't know about your friends but we guys are certainly not going to forget the best times. I hope your friends do understand the importance of this kindness atleast till their end.Thats necessary to maintain love and security in life. Don't be sad just lead the flow..

tagskie said...

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FJL said...

Hi Qyrun,
Glad to know that you're back from the silence too.hehe
By jotting and expressing our real happenings into the blog sometimes bring satisfaction knowing that our reader will enjoy reading it.(hope so) :D

Hi Tanvi,
Feels like old friends addressing one with name right.:D
Actually we had a good time during that get together, had a good laugh reminiscing the good sweet time, only that few things have changed which I hope will just be the same as yesterday. Yes go with the flow and just take it easy right :D

Tagskie :
Thanks for hopping in. Will drop by yours during my spare time. Thanks again.

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joven said...

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Tanvi Nimkar said...

Hey Flo,
Hope you are doing fine?! And your new design is good..refreshing to see it :)

FJL said...

Music in Media ; Thanks for hopping in..I will drop on yours during my spare time. :D
Joven : Hi ..am thinking of a water filter by the brand of Joven hehe..anyway thanks for stopping by.will drop in yours soon.
Jesson and Rey Ann : Nice and informative blog you have there..Thanks for stopping by.
Tanvi : Hi dear, thanks for your loyal visit :D even tho i dont have any new post, feel guilty instead ..My new theme quite pale eh..anyway thanks for liking it.

joven said...

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Enigma said...

Wish you better health and lots of rain :)