Aug 28, 2010

Back From Hibernation

Ive been lazy, been addicted to some games for the past few months and neglecting my blog. When Ive been here for the last couple of hours I was surprised to see that some followers have added up to my lists. Hence not to disappoint those buddies who like my entry, you like it dont you? I assumed you do (coughing) now Im back with a new look, I mean with a new theme, forgetting the lazy me in the past. I guess I'll start writing again as my brain is getting rusted nowadays, Im feeling that in my bone. Well life has just been the same on me, only that the days are flying, some things have changed with little bits of this and that. Now its August and moving on to September. It will not be long for Malaysia's National Day which falls on 31st August 2010 this coming Tuesday. Thus Im wishing you all Malaysian out there an advance 'Happy Merdeka Day'.
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Flojoe said...

sia pun bangas sudah blog sia. malas sia memblog belum ada energy lagi bagus lagi ko! bah blog lagi banyak2 sia rajin p baca ja sekarang ni hehe

FJL said...

cuti ni bangas la balik ni hehe..nanti cari idea dulu huhu.bah update la blog ko.