Aug 22, 2008

After the Exam....

Hmmm after my exam I have my hair cut ending up with the length that i didn't approve, yet have to, force to.... put up with..sigh...Then I went to have lunch ending with this dish..I was so hungry that I didn't know that if the noodles were good enough but manage to give it a burp and a snap to remind me 'lunch after the cut'..

As always when I logged in here, I realized from the start that everyone's blogs are so interesting and knowledge friendly, mine is..self pity huh!! But I don't care if everyone is doing the same ,then I want to be different in my corner, excuse me.. not a geek okay..I think I want to change this blog's title to whatever journal..only I still give myself a chance to update it with my daily living stories..hope to catch with an interesting title sooner or else I just have to put up with it..

About my friend's newborn, its a boy.Congratulations to her family. Hoping to catch a snap of the baby soon.

...just take a break with ....

Milk Tea

Free Dates

and check out this new coach bags I've seen..lovelvierz you'll gonna love this..


KAT said...

I saw your blog when we both asked weblogian to look at our sites, and I popped over to look at yours. I love Coach bags too! I have one right now, that is a pastel sunset looking thing and I always get comments on it!
Love your blog!

FJL said...

Fisrstly thanx for visiting my blog ..Yeah I love coach bags but the bags are so costly in my currency, wish I could see yours in your blog ;)
I like your blog too, nice,fun and interesting ..