Dec 19, 2008

Its Friday once More

The week flies quickly and there are only two weeks left to a new year and Christmas celebrations to those who celebrate. January will come again with work and no more long school holidays except for Chinese New Year holidays I hope..
Its Friday once again, favorite day of the week but not really feels the joy of its arrival since its still holiday time (it is.. for tumbleweed and those who work 9 to 5 ).. Time will again flies with the wind, yearly school plan and daily has not been updated as I haven't taken the class time table yet..I guess it will be on the last minute chart and be done before school re-open.
Not thinking about work now as am looking for a fruitful weekend tomorrow with the kids and sis. Mum will be busy for her family day activity in church as she is the trusted chef in the kitchen so they said. Well only the four of us will roam the day...


Tumbleweed said...

weekend always feels good to me kekekes... I wish weekend is thursday,friday,saturday, sunday and monday :D :D

FJL said...

Just that? I wish weekend is forever.. *Guffaws*