Dec 30, 2008

Kampung Nelayan, Fun Fair and A New Year

The holidays almost come to its end. Next week will be back to work and today is the last day in the year 2008. Will be back to Keningau tomorrow as my school will be having an activity for the Year 1 student this Friday. Mum 's birthday is also today and wishing her a Happy 55th Birthday, may your wish comes true and we try to be your good children hehe ..These few days we visited the Kampung Nelayan in Taman Tun Fuad Penampang, had our dinner there but didn't do sightseeing as rain poured the minutes we finished our food. So we enjoyed our food on the boat restaurant and treating our eyes with the fish down below.
After having dinner we went to the UK Fun Fair in
Karamunsing which was actually the fun fair that
was held in Keningau and they moved their way to KK. The Big Wheel , Merry go round and lots of other games which I didn't know their names were being played there. We didn't try any games except a few snaps of pics and seeing other people playing. The entry fee was quite cheap but the token to play the games was RM2.00 each so we just kept our money safe.

Today is the 31 st of December 2008 the last day in this year. 2009 will come tomorrow, age is increasing, kids growing and us growing old. Sighing? hmmm thats the fact one has to accept, life is like a wheel, sometimes we are on the upper side, sometimes we down below. Looking back all the days that have gone, we sure feel the times really flies and yesterday wouldn't be back like today, only memories remain and as the days pass with every breath that we take, let us wish ourselves grateful and appreciate the life that we have been given and facing the New Year with a good resolution and mind. A happy New Year 2009 to all and God bless.


Tumbleweed said...

wowie.. i like the roda besar heheh..
Happy New Year 09 may all your wishes come true and your days be fill up with joys and happiness! ;)

FJL said...
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FJL said...

yeah wish I had gone up there..
may your wishes be granted hehe..
Have a happy and prosperous New Year 2009.

kyrun _q said...

all this pix make me homesick...huhuhu
specially the Taman Tun Fuad, where the family used to lepaking while watching fish n turtle by the lake n jogging too.

p.s. i grap a pix,
hope u dont mind. tnxa

FJL said...

then come back when its holiday hehe..

FLOJOE said...

Uwawawa napa sia tidak d kasi ikut...!! Sia hantak kaki lagi ni!
Dangki wo! Sia mau pulang Kiki...rindu pan peh..

FJL said...

bah pulangla kita sesama p pampeh hehe

FLOJOE said...

nantila maybe next yr. Tapi yang susah nya si Jacob mau ikut. Dia sudah bikin paspot sudah dia blg.
Kalau sia plg nanti, ko plg juga ha!