Dec 18, 2008

A Sunday Stroll in Gaya Street

Finally got a better connection today but still am afraid that the power failure will happen again.
Hubby was in Papar for a week and last Sunday he went back but before that we went to Gaya Street a weekly market in the city and had a fun view of interesting local stuffs here.

Persian cats RM1200 each (negotiable)

the bag price is RM90- gulping

local arts featuring Mount Kinabalu, Nepenthes Miranilis (periuk kera) plants and natives of Sabah.

classic and antique iron

There were lots of other things to see as well and yet so much to talk about. I got the chance to see many photographers taking pictures of the busy hawkers and stuffs rarely found. On my right hand side is the handcraft main attraction for tourists. If one happens to visit Sabah Land below the wind don't forget to experience the hustle and bustle of Gaya street in Kota Kinabalu City and perhaps bring back a souvenir to mark your visits here.


FLOJOE said...

How much i miss KK... itu gaya street looks like chinatown pula d melbourne. abis kana taruh pintu gerbang serupa china town sini hehe.

FJL said...

ya bah teda pula tulis welcome to gaya street tulis sina saja, 2la aku ambi tu gmbr papantanda gaya street ja.bnyk suda berubah sini, fly over pun kin bnyk.

Tumbleweed said...

mbak tu kucing mahal ja kn.. 'pupu' dia bo juga tu kn wahahaha

FJL said...

ya kalo wangi..buli bikin perfume haha