Dec 24, 2008

A Visit to Monsopiad Cultural Village

Gmail couldn't be accessed this few days, so the days passed without any updates in my blog. I was wondering why this should be the problem so I typed in the problems on Google and finally solved the matter using the methods others were experiencing. A very great thanks to them.
Last weekend we went to Monsopiad Cultural Village located in Penampang, about 5km from Putatan shortcuts. Monsopiad Cultural Village is build in memory of the great Kadazan warrior and head hunter named Monsopiad. This place was built in the same place Monsopiad lived and roamed 300 years ago. A visit to this place presented me with this pics.
Register here - Rm20.00 is charge for a person including free drinks and tour guide if one wants to. But we prefer to guide ourselves as we didn't want to be long here.

Gong dan kulintangan-
traditional music instruments of the Sabahan.

farming and hunting equipments as well as ritual and
ceremonial stuffs

Monsopiad - Kadazan warrior

the Riverside Cafe- lihing (local sabah rice wine),

Carlsberg and mango juice are served.
Pick your choice. We opted for the juice..

There were many pictures taken yet it took so long to upload thus I leave you with this short snaps..have a Happy Merry Christmas to those who celebrates and in case you are wondering, I DON'T celebrate Christmas. Why? if you care to know visit this link, (my sister's blog) it will probably gives you some info..check it out!!


Tumbleweed said...

which place next? hehe

FJL said...

what about London? hehe

FLOJOE said...

hahahah nakal o kamurang kan kita p paris la next!!

Ihh dongki nya aku-siapa supir tumbleweed lagi? ada gajian ka jadi supir tumbleweed? darel tinggi sudah bah! Well at least u guys having a great time there. God bless

FJL said...

ya pas itu kita p rome buli ya..hihi

sopirnya mimang tumbleweed, gue mo jadi datin aje, suda pincin jadi supir, kok dulu gue jadi supir juga ahaks..

FLOJOE said...

hahaha masi ku ingat masa mu jadi supiran. Ngamla di kasi jawatan supir si tumbleweed tu..dia rajin. Jadi datin misti duduk belakang ya - darel misti di dapan. Amey pun datin d blkg.. Sia ja yang malang teda sopir.. sondiri jadi sopir! BORENGGGG!! :(