Sep 26, 2008

8 Things Of me

As tagged from Tumbleweed:

1. likes humor and laugh a lot, but kinda hard to have it now - laughter is the best medicine

2. shopaholic - in my free time lots of window shopping and lots of bucks will make it happen :(

3. hate people to control my life - do this, do that, as if you don't know how to live in the better
manner in a happy life.

4. loves nature and everything about it -

5. detest hypocrites - don't tell something if you don't want to but don't lie.

6. procrastination brings trouble but sometimes I do it.

7. hate busy body character

8. like to have some time on my own..

simple huh! first task done.. Wonder when Flojoe is going to do her task with all her assignments now coming - :))


FJL said...

Tumbleweed dont have enough korum la to list other bloggers. hihi

Flojoe said...

love being pro'crastinat, nothing to blog so far. tired. eyes popped out due heavy assignments :p

FJL said...

what a pity, jan jeles hihi