Sep 10, 2008

Love ..Pass it on..

Love is a far better thing than hate. As I look back upon my life, I often think things that me angry, but seldom I regretted having made amends, having forgiven, having made an effort to love my enemy. This is the fact that one tends to forget Him when there's nothing to worry about and only remembers Him when trouble comes...( its not that I'm in trouble right now) but deep beneath my heart there's always this small voice silently whispering the melancholy love of Him urging me to love Him back for the life and daily good things that He has given me in my selfishness of time, and everything towards Him not that I have forgotten only I don't remember to appreciate. Time maybe short and we don't know about tomorrow and what it will it better or worst, I know I'm not prepare..I know that Believing Him is my best Guide but why forgetting is the question..
Looking at the world today and everything around us, we do know that His coming is approaching...Earthquakes, tsunami, endless war on the other side of the world, famine, drought, flood, violence, crime, the list goes on...yet no one knows when is exactly the 'time'..
Now that I'm on the thinking , I should learn to be grateful in everything that is coming on my way, a boring week should end here with a positive mind let love cast upon me always and to all students who are having the UPSR exam I wish them success... sometimes at this age, years alone are not enough to understand His Love..

Learn to love and be sharing for the day..

1 Corinthians 13 :4

4-Love is patient
Love is always kind
Love is never envious
or arrogant with pride
nor is she conceited
and she is never rude
she never thinks just of herself
or ever get annoyed
she never is resentful
is never glad with sin
but always glad to side with truth
whenever the truth should win
she bears up under everything
believes the best in all
there is no limit to her hope
and she will never fall.

13-Right now three things remain, faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is LOVE.

Lets pass his Love to everyone Today to make a better Tomorrow than Yesterday..

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FLOJOE said...

If you've had a spiritual reversal, don't give up. Christ can restore you. You can be useful to Him again, even after a hard fall. It's the "bounce" of your faith and God's forgiveness that will enable you to go on.