Sep 24, 2008

I love your blog Award..

Today I've been given the award of the "I love your blog" ...and now I have the honour to present this blog award to my  friend Sandie Lee of  Canada and hopefully to Val of Kgu Sabah and Christina D in Sarawak if you happen to be blogging soon :)  Flojoe, Tumbleweed has already made the first move, so we just kerjain ja 2 award hehe..

Let us spread the award to our friends out there..Thank you Tumbleweed and the person who has given her the award..Those who happen to stumble here in my blog you have the oppurtunity to have this award too..erkkk mind sending me a Thanks (so that I know where you come from)..


because you worth it..( sounds like pantene syampoos adds)

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