Sep 12, 2008

Friday's so so dinner

Have no idea what to write in my new post for you guys, anyway I took several shots from my homemade dinner last night..Aint that yummy but its worth seeing those dishes finished...What are you having out there friends, wanna see your dishes too..especially one that you sweat on preparing, like omelet, or boiling water will do...just kidding..but if you do have one, its worth wasting time eh...
The first dish
Daging masak sayur manis hehe..
(sweet veggies with meat)those who know the sayur manis in English please tell ..

Sayur manis or Sweet Veggies?..

minced garlic (not really minced lah..)

First u goreng the garlic..abis english sudah ni hehe..fried the garlic as usual..

Put in wateva meat u have in mind (the best is egg but unfortunately no eggs in the fridge so..

Mix the meat with the veggies but make sure the meat is already well cooked. Stir until satisfied..


Now for Darrell's meal

Sausages, fish cake, an egg
slice the sausages and fish cake

a plate of cooked rice

fried the sliced sausages and fish cakes, then mix in the egg and the cooked rice..

fried rice mix with sliced sausages, fish cakes and egg.

and mine?...u guess it hehe ( already tired because of the cooking and the snapping 2 in 1)


FLOJOE said...

Oh Yum!!
I wish I could have sayur manis here in Melb.

Tumbleweed said...

Wowie... yum yum.... minta sikit buli? .... kuali baru ka tu? Kilat o! LOL hahahahahah
Stab me on my chest! LOL

FJL said...

Flojoe- ya ubi2 ubian lagi kan hehe teda d chinatown ka?

Tumbleweed - talan aing liung ja haha, kuali baru mangkali, itam 2 di bawah dia..nanti sy tikam ko wakakak

Tumbleweed said...

kalau ko tikam aku guna pisau baru ah! LOL .... hahaha
aku malas keja ni... *__* hehehe

FJL said...

oya i asked my kwn who is from Kelantan and she said that the sayur manis in their place is call cekak manis, or cekur manis..for our knowledge..thnx Mai.

FJL said...

kalo malas koje, jan koje, kalo malas tikam jan tikam haha apo punya baso ni ..