Sep 21, 2008

Mummy's helper in the making..

Weekend is regarded as precious moments to me.. agree? Anyway when its Friday, I
usually leave the plates and everything from the Friday's dinner in the sink to be washed and cleaned the next day. Saturday is the day to stay in bed longer..But what happened this Saturday makes me woke up fully when Emerald started washing aka playing with the soap and makes it bubbly. She didnt hear me coming behind her and I had this idea for my new post and managed to take some shots of her 'washing' . She already had her pants off leaving only the diaper still on. Actually her pajama already wet, only when she saw me then she said "sowwie mummy.". Anyway I regard this as a positive attitude of her towards helping me in the future, just leave out the 'soap playing' in the bracket.. She did know she was caught in the act...

busy ..

bubble time..

sowwiee mummy..


FJL said...

jan kumin tu dapur aah haha

FLOJOE said...

alala main buyah ba!!

Tumbleweed said...

adidih.... washer wannabe ka si amey? *chuckle* jaga kama jatuh nanti..

FJL said...

flojoe:apalagi havinga good timelah masa tu..

tumbleweed: nda washer patikung..hihi..