Sep 8, 2008

A bored week

Apparently  it's a boring week here at Blog Cabin..
I hate this week, a week where I have to leave my kids and off to work early in the morning, and leave them to my in laws to be taken care of.  School gets me hooked up......

Normally I go to work around 12 noon but not this week.  As the Year 6 students are having their UPSR exam starting tomorrow, all the teachers morning and afternoon sessions are expected to be in school in the morning as well..During the past, the teachers will have a break during the students' exam but back to 2,3 recent years no breaks are given according to the general order of A to Z..

Its not that I hate school or students or whatsoever but all this morning activities disturbs my daily routine with my son to his rehab, to his class and the meal they take.  To be there is to be there to show your face then doing nothing except gossiping, tell tale and waiting the minute to fly home.  Some are given work related to their duties and incharge of the Year so and so but not us from the level 1,2, 3.  Then to fill the space noticed, micro teaching course will be handled for two days.  Back to square one huh!   

The whole thing is bored and stressful, of course, but not nearly seen so much on the outerside of me,  sometimes I wonder if one becomes a leader he or she needs exaggerating acts to show the power manifested.   Thats the reason why I'm fit to be an on off follower...If there's no one like me and my traits the world wont be as colourful as it is eh..But the point is, I'm trying to strike the balance, of being a career woman

and a mommy............................

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