Feb 16, 2009

Altocumulus in the sky

These few days I always went straight back home from work. Usually I will headed to the 'kadai' to release my stress after most energy was lost by speaking louder, repeating aka shouting and yelling to those anak-anakku who seems to turn a deaf ear when Im instructing them to do writing exercise after explanations. The question will be like " Teacher mo buat ka ni?" adui dogol if Im not practising the kesabaran alias patient lama sudah I katuk tu head but that is all anak orang who wanted knowledge and learn to be clever and smart so that I will have a better leader for tomorrow for my own kids juga kan..(uii panjangnya my thoughts inikan..hihi)
Well as I have said just now straight home from work, perhaps I'm already bored with the stuffs in the kadai, or nothing to buy or to cut it short, its tangah bulan hihi..
Its the 16th of February and the weather is getting drier but sometimes at the end of the week it will showering again, hopefully. Ending my today's post is the altocumulus clouds higher there in the evening sky. Flashing back my thoughts during my secondary school moments..


FLOJOE said...

ih cantik shot ko! Tapi len tu awan kan! di mana tu? dakat rumah? Ko ambi lagi gmbr2... buat sia miss kampung o. Cantik2 gmbr kamu... Keep up the GOOD & EXCELLANT shot!!

FJL said...

ambil mo dekat rumah suda, aku suka juga ambi gmbr awan2, kadang ada bentuk yg unik, hr 2 ada mcm peta Sabah tapi ngam2 d jalanraya nda sempat grab hp.