Feb 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Went to school like ordinary school day except today I went in the morning, got some activities in school to replace the holidays that were taken during the Chinese New Year celebration. Today is also Valentine's Day and many are celebrating the day in their own way. Some are more great like getting engaged and even getting married on this day. Blog Cabin regards Valentine's Day as 'everyday is Valentine's Day' but appreciate too if the day is celebrated for two tho'..How's your celebration over there pal? Hope its making your life with lasting bountiful love and I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day..


FLOJOE said...

Valentine? Hehe... no valentines 4 me. John bili mcdonald ja itu pun dari drive thru and we had cokes and sundaes dalam keta haha. ko macam mana pula?

FJL said...

Ndadala belentine sini, makan2 krupuk ja hihi..

FLOJOE said...

kekeks!! funny oh jawapan ko!