Feb 6, 2009

Saturday's Rants

Its Saturday and at this hour I'm at home mostly surfing the net or having something to busy with. Mum most probably in Church with Tumbleweed or Tumbleweed in the cc or having a fine fun time for herself. I think Chasing the rainbow also in the church far somewhere in Melb and please pray for this soul who is so much lazy dragging her feet to praise the Lord in His blessed place. I know I have 24 hours in a day which He has given and 24x7 that will be 168 hours for myself but Im that selfish to spend an hour just for Him in the Church. 'Lazy' is the word and I realized it but just pray that Im not in this state for long.
A slide of pictures in my camera flashing my thoughts on the makeover we've kerjain with Tumbleweed and mum during my holidays in my parent's. Got infected with whimsical at this English stuffs, we did something to the living room. These are some little stuffs that we did to liven things up a bit. I like doing this to my home in future so mum's an experience..
added some stuffs to one of the corner..


Tumbleweed said...

waduh terang-terangan tu kapet inda mo kana pakai kana gulung sana tangga.. kehkehkehkehs - jan ko ada suda bungas pandai menumpang sana piring di dinding inda lama menjalar tu sampai dapul hahaha

nd said...

wowowow lotsss of wow mimang make over abis..lawa, fabulous....really like d curtains o flo mimang whimsical punya taste...ur tag nti i bt aaa..rite nw bizi sikit..u knw my situations dlu like urs.. but nw..unto HIM all my strength....as we called it...i've learned my 'lesson'...n...i thanked HIM 4 dat ''memorable'' lesson..

FJL said...

Tumbleweed: Ya cukup sudah itu bunga2an karang jadi taman pula hihi.

Nd : ya puas ati walaupun nda tinggal sana tapi rumah i juga bila balik val, mimang sentuhan c whimsi d blog dia bervirus hihi..
Taula ni Val pemalas tul, takut juga nanti bila down baru tingat Tuhan..Your lesson will be mine too :)

kyrun _q said...

one word flo....WOW!
wait till 'ERIC' sees this....
sure he feel like nak gulung tikar..wakakaka

FLOJOE said...

nah cantik pula sudah "kerjain" kamurang ni!! bila sudah tukar tu curtain tus nampak cerah. Pandai kamurang "kerjain" *snort-snort* nanti sia kasi ko trufi hah!! hehe

FJL said...

Kyrun : Part2 Eric tu Kyrun siap tukar lantai lagik n tukar sofa baru yg ni seciput ja makeover nya hehe

Flojoe : ya ba bila tukar curtain tus tercerah tu rumah hihi.trufi apanya tu bu ?keh2