Feb 26, 2009

You Kiss I Pay - story of the other version..

Overheard a chit chat few weeks ago.
"Sia telanggar bah tu keta tu saturang, tapi pura-pura sia tia tau, tus sia capat2 drive pulang. Ada bekas juga bah di keta sia"
" Di mana ko telanggar?" (question unanswered)
" sapa suru dia p parking tempat sia slalu parking ( as if tu tempat got signboard tetulis VIp nama dia so and so)
" jadi tu tuan keta taula ko langgar keta dia? "
"nda mangkali, sebab sia tus drive, tapi kalau tingu keta sia lagi mahal mo bayar, keta dia van lama bah buruk sudah.." (OMG dia kiss dia pula dibayar...)
and the chat goes on and on nasib Im in a rush to work and didn't manage to catch a few more selfish statements again..So the story finish? naaaah..
The Next day..
" ko tau tu kawan saturang nampak bah sia telanggar keta kawan dia, tus dia bilang " ko telanggarkan keta c anu, ko diam-diam ja ahh.."
"ohya ka? nanti sia p kestau dia...( pretending answer)
Tus bisuk sia p kestau tu van owner, guilty pula sia...
Tula mempertahankan lagi keta dia pula dia bilang mahal mo dibayar oleh owner keta yg dilanggar oleh dia..
Moral of the story..'telampau think diri sendri telampau grand sampai sendri pula temalu bisuk-bisuk dia ..(buli pakai kah ni)
I remembered my own story of bumping to somebody's van about 8 years ago when it happened I just few months gotten my P and as you know in my place the P stands for Palui or Pandai. I was just tyring to go out from my house when suddenly I teover pijak minyak then a bump on the van infront, I got out from the car but I didnt see any marks on the van's door, but mine yes a slight mark on the rear bumper. In my utak I did say well nothings there and mind as well I just drive away, but then this fairy godmother inside said " what if other people saw you did that and you did nothing to confess what you have done.." So I went to the house and asked to see the van owner.. I said 'sia telanggar van ko, tapi ndada juga sia nampak apa-apa' tus tu driver said " ahh kalau langgar bayarla" ..But then when he saw no damage to his van, he just said 'tiapalah tu" and maybe he said that because he saw my car has a slight kemek at the rear..I apologized and went to work..
The difference was I didnt feel guilty for the rest of the week after owning up what have I done, but when you keep what you have done wrong to others, and other people knew, you end up feeling guilty because you carry the burden in your heart for the rest of your life..( to remind myself as well)..


Anonymous said...

Sometimes we tend to act like we did nothing to claim our mistakes, BUT then to said the other person who did nothing to the car was the one who should paid was a stupid plain ignoring, selfish person alive in concert!

FJL said...

Anon : Yeah and I wonder how high was the IQ of the person who knocked the other still car to have said that. That high I think to rock in concert :P